Barbie Tennis Player Doll

Barbie Tennis Player DollThere is no shortage of Barbie fans across the globe. This world-renowned character comes in various versions to the delight of millions of fans. If you are a Barbie lover, this Barbie Tennis Player Doll can be an excellent value addition for your collection of dolls. Read on if you like to get to know more about this cute little tennis player.

This Barbie Tennis Player Doll comes in the form of a career doll; in other words, she resembles a professional tennis player. Barbie Tennis Player Doll has a professional and colorful outfit that makes her ready to play a professional game of tennis. In addition to her outfit, she comes with a couple of accessories to highlight herself as a professional player. Barbie Tennis Player Doll holds a tennis racket in which you can see a tennis ball. She also wears a pair of beautiful sneakers in pink color. She is ready to compete for the championship with this professional tennis player attire.

Here shoulders come with moveable characteristics as well. Because of the movable shoulder joints, kids can make various poses to see more realistic storytelling actions. She can appear with or without the tennis racket depending on the type of the story the kids are playing. When placed with other characters, Barbie Tennis Player Doll can help kids to create various scenes and enjoy every bit of it.

Features of Barbie Tennis Player Doll

Now, let’s review the most notable features associated with Barbie Tennis Player Doll.

–    Each Barbie Tennis Player Doll comes with a beautiful tennis player attire

–    Her attire has an attractive appearance that can grab the attention of any child

–    She also wears a nice pair of tennis shoes that come in beautiful pink color

–    Apart from her professional tennis player appearance, she comes with a racket and a tennis ball to make it a more realistic playset

–    Each Barbie Tennis Player Doll comes with movable arms, and therefore she can appear in various poses

–    She comes with a dark brown hair which is dressed to match the figure of a professional tennis player

–    The purple top and the colorful graphics skirt create a more playful and professional look

–    Barbie Tennis Player Doll comes as a part of Barbie career dolls

–    When putting together with other Barbie career dolls, Barbie Tennis Player Doll play a large number of stories

–    It is a superb collectible item and a gift item apart from being a playset

Accessories of Barbie Tennis Player Doll

In fact, Barbie Tennis Player Doll doesn’t come with a broad range of accessories. Here is the list of the accessories it has.

–    A pink color pair of tennis shoes: the doll wears these tennis shoes to complement her professional, athletic appearance.

–    A tennis racket: Barbie Tennis Player Doll comes with a beautiful tennis racket with a tennis ball to give the figure a more realistic appearance

–    She wears a colorful dress: colorful graphics skirt and the purple color top she wears provide a sporty and energetic feeling

Uses of Barbie Tennis Player Doll

This Barbie Tennis Player Doll can be used to play various stories. Since she is dressed and designed as a professional tennis player, kids can consider using this doll to play tennis-related stories. It can be combined with other Barbie career dolls and expand the possibilities of playing various scenes. In addition to playing stories and creating multiple views, kids can consider this product as a collectible item that can be placed with other career Barbie dolls. Even if you are an adult, you can add this product to your collection of Barbie dolls to make it a complete one. In addition to that, it is a superb gift idea when you visit a small kid.

Age Range

The manufacturers recommend Barbie Tennis Player Doll for kids over 3 years. In fact, they have imposed this recommendation because of the small components it contains. Too small kids may be vulnerable to choking hazards; removable parts like the shoes the doll wears can cause such choking hazard. Other than that, Barbie Tennis Player Doll is an entirely safe storytelling playset for pretty much any kid (or even for adults).


Barbie Tennis Player Doll is a doll that comes as a part of the Barbie career doll set. This particular playset comes with beautiful color combinations and patterns to make kids excited and happy. This doll is an excellent value addition to your collectible collection in addition to using as a storytelling playset item. Movable hands and tennis racket of her adds more lively and natural appearance. The overall value of the product is pretty decent. In general, Barbie Tennis Player Doll is a good product.

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