Enchantimals Cameo Crab Dolls

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Enchantimals Cameo Crab DollsIf you are looking for a storytelling pack that comprises of cuteness and quality, Enchantimals Cameo Crab Dolls can be a superb choice for you. It is presented as a beach-themed playset. The main character of this beach-themed storytelling pack is Cameo Crab doll. Other characters like Chela crab figure, miniature crab friend and other accessories such as the pool with slide makes it a beautiful and comprehensive playset.

To make storytelling more comfortable, the manufacturers have added beneficial details to all the pieces of this playset. The pool comes with a beautiful red color, and it has the shape of a crab to inspire a beachy feeling when playing storytelling. It also has a blue slide which is ideal for the crab figures to have a ride. As beach toys, the manufacturers have included a floatie which is specially designed for the crab friend. For the medium-sized picture, they have added a lounge chair too. Items like beach bag (that comes in the shape of a shell) and suntan lotion explains how much the manufacturers care about the details of the overall product.

The Enchantimals doll comes as a cheerful character. She has a removable skirt that comes with an adorable, beachy design which is ideal for summer atmosphere. The red colors shoes of this character it a more beautiful value addition. The belt that is decorated with crab legs makes it a unique accessory. This belt makes the doll compatible with the other accessories as well as with her besties. Apart from this belt, it comes with other crab-related touches such as crab antennae, facial features, and long red hair. She (the doll) comes with two fellow crabs. One is a medium sized crab, and the other one is a small sized crab. Both of these crabs come in nicely smiling expressions. One of these crabs come with a pair of sunglasses while the other one is equipped with a snorkel mask. These details add charming appearance to the entire playset. Every child will love to play with this beautiful playset.

Features of Enchantimals Cameo Crab Dolls

Here are some of the most notable features associated with Enchantimals Cameo Crab Dolls storytelling playset.

–    It comes with multiple accessories for kids to play excitingly

–    Enchantimals Cameo Crab Dolls let the kids recreate a natural environment

–    This set comes as a part of the series of Enchantimals

–    Apart from performing, kids can collect the entire series of dolls as collectibles.

–    This playset is specially designed for ages 4 and above

–    The toy comes with a height of six inches

–    Every accessory and character come with a detailed appearance

–    This playset helps friends to stay calm and relaxed even during the hot days

–    Removable skirt, beachy design, red shoes and other details add a lively appearance

Accessories of Enchantimals Cameo Crab Dolls

Let’s take a look at the accessories included in this storytelling playset.

–    A doll with a height of six inches (it is dressed in a removable skirt and red color shoes

–    A belt with crab legs to give her more of a beach-inspired appearance

–    Beach bag that appears as a seashell

–    Rooted red hair, crab antennae, and crab-like facial features make the doll more compatible with the other settings

–    Two adorable crab figures that come in two different sizes

–    Crab figures too come with different cute expressions

–    Pair of sunglasses on the middle-sized crab and a snorkel mask for the small crab

The combination of these accessories can make the Cameo Crab Doll a really beautiful storytelling playset. All the accessories are made to emphasize the beachy theme.

Uses of Enchantimals Cameo Crab Dolls

By using this Enchantimals Cameo Crab Dolls, kids can recreate beautiful sceneries and get closer to nature. The details associated with this playset is awe-inspiring. This playset can trigger kids’ excitement towards the beach vacations. Apart from playing with this exciting playset, kids can consider it as a beautiful collectible item.

Age Range

In fact, this playset can be used by every kid as long as she is older than 4 years. The manufacturers have applied a minimum age range mainly because of the small accessories the playset consists of. Smaller removable pieces can cause a choking hazard on kids younger than 4. Other than that, even an adult can buy this product as a collectible item.


Enchantimals Cameo Crab Doll is an adorable playset that consists of a really nice set of accessories. Kids can use them either as storytelling playset or as a collectible item. The vibrant designs and the details the manufacturers have added on the elements of this playset make this product an exceptional one. Overall, it is a beautiful set that delivers excitement and fun.

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Enchantimals Cameo Crab Dolls