Enchantimals Lorna Lamb Doll

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Enchantimals Lorna Lamb DollThis beautiful, enchanting playset comprises of the central figure Lorna Lamb doll and her sheep friend called Flag. Just like all the other Enchantimals dolls, Lorna Lamb doll too comes with adorable characteristics to make kids excited about it. The characters of this wonderfully designed storytelling playset compliment each other thanks to the details added.

In fact, both Lorna Lamb Doll and Flag the sheep has various similarities regarding appearance. White little sheep included in this playset has an adorable wooly patch (made out of white hair) that is further decorated with a flower. Lorna Lamb Doll, on the other hand, comes with a hairstyle which is identical to sheep’s hair decoration. The removable skirt the doll wears has an elegant floral print to bring on an attractive overall appearance. Towards her shoulder, you would see more flowers coupled with pink furry trim. The boots she wears are associated with a tan color. In addition to that, the shoes have wool detailing. Two pink sheep ears emerge from her white hair, and one of those ears is decorated with a flower. This decoration and her pink ears make it quite a unique design.

Kids will definitely love to play with this awesome playset (mainly the girls will admire the playset). Apart from considering it as a storytelling playset, kids can use it as a beautiful collectible item when combined with other dolls of this Enchantimals series. Kids can use all these dolls to create various scenes and tell different stories.

The facial expressions and the details added on the face of the doll are entirely compatible with the sheep friend. Her sheep friend, on the other hand, features a fresh appearance and that makes these two characters match each other perfectly.

Features of Enchantimals Lorna Lamb Doll

Here are some of most notable features associated with Lorna Lamb Doll playset.

–    The playset comprises of a nice-looking doll and a miniature sheep figure called Flag

–    The adorable doll of this playset comes with a height of 6 inches

–    The doll wears a beautiful color outfit which is removable

–    The skirt she wears comes with a beautiful floral design to emphasize the natural beauty

–    Flag, the little sheep, has a white wooly patch on the head to highlight her cuteness

–    Lorna Lamb doll has a puffy and white hairstyle to be compatible with the “Lamb theme.”

–    The colorful outfit is further decorated with a floral gathering and a pink furry trim on the shoulders

–    She wears a pair of tan boots that come with wool detailing to make her more compatible

–    It is a must-have item if you are a collector of Enchantimals dolls

Accessories of Enchantimals Lorna Lamb Doll

Now, let’s take a look at the list of accessories included in this beautiful playset.

–    The Enchantimals Lorna Lamb doll that has a height of six inches

–    A small sheep friend named Flag

–    A removable skirt that has a floral design to keep the kids excited

–    Tab boots that have wool detailing

–    Floral gathering on the shoulders to make the doll figure more beautiful

–    White color puffy hair with pinkish sheep ears

All these accessories combine to form a really beautiful playset that can be used to recreate various stories.

Age Range

This particular product is recommended for kids those who are over 4 years. In fact, this age recommendation is introduced mainly because of the small accessories it comprises of. Little kids who are younger than 4 years can accidentally swallow the small accessories, and that might cause the choking hazard. Other than that, this individual product is ideal for pretty much any individual.

Uses of Enchantimals Lorna Lamb Doll

Enchantimals Lorna Lamb Doll is a valuable addition to your kids’ playset collection. By using this playset, your kids can recreate various stories to match their imagination. In addition to that, your kids can use this unique playset as a good collectible too. Collecting all the Enchantimals dolls collection is a unique experience even if you are an adult. This playset can easily be used to create various scenes depending on the level of imagination.


In general, Enchantimals dolls collection comes with an adorable appearance with great detailing. Enchantimals Lorna Lamb Doll is another valuable addition to this respective product range. Although some individuals may find that the details on the face of the doll look unusual, it looks adorable. The overall appearance of the product is pretty impressive. It can be used as a storytelling playset as well as a superb collectible item. Your kids will love to collect all the dolls of Enchantimals series. In addition to that, this product can be considered as a great gift idea.

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Enchantimals Lorna Lamb Doll