Future Coders Robot Races

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Future Coders Robot RacesFuture Coders Robot Races is an innovative puzzle-based game designed by ALEX toys. This game comes with an innovative concept to provide your kids with a glimpse of coding in addition to the fun and excitement. As per the concept of this game, kids can decorate a robot-like crown with the stickers. Then, they can play like robots. Future Coders Robot Races game includes challenges like dancing, spinning and jumping before approaching the finish line. This is a pretty active game that lets kids to enjoy a lot. More importantly, this game can teach the basic logical concepts of coding in a really children-friendly manner.

The kid will have to select a challenge card and then place direction tiles in order to map the path towards the finish line. To add more excitement and challenge to this game, there is a digital timer. This digital timer is powered by a battery (which is included in the package).

The largest component of this package is the floor mat; this floor mat comes with the shape of a square with the dimensions of 5’X5’. Technically, the kids will be playing on this mat placing the direction cards and finding their way from starting point (A) to ending point (B). This mat comes as a non-woven floor mat.

Features of Future Coders Robot Races

Here is a list of features accompanying Future Coders Robot Races.

  • Future Coders Robot Races is a puzzle that allows kids to become robots and solve various types of challenges
  • This playset can teach the basic concepts of coding logics to your child though fun and exciting ways
  • Kids have to use their logical thinking ability and map their path to move from A to B
  • The kid will have to use direction tiles on the mat as they race to the finishing point
  • Each Future Coders Robot Races play set comes with many accessories to facilitate a fun-filled exciting gaming experience
  • It is designed for of 4 years and older

Accessories of Future Coders Robot Races

As mentioned before in the features section, Future Coders Robot Races play set comes with a large number of accessories. The base of the playset is a non-woven floor mat which comes in the shape of a square. It has the dimensions of 5’ X 5’ making it spacious enough for a kid to play comfortably.

In addition to the base mat, this play set consists of several other small tiles; 18 arrow tiles (direction tiles), 2 tiles to signify start and stop positions, 6 obstacle tiles and 4 action tiles. These tiles are designed to represent a various tasks and challenges throughout the game.

To add more fun-filled appearance and excitement to the game, the manufacturers have included a special crown (robot hat) with two googly eyes. The player has to wear the robot hat when playing the game. Moreover, there are 20 level cards and a set of 44 stickers included in this package.

The only digital accessory included in this Future Coders Robot Races play set is the digital timer. This timer is powered by a battery which is included in the package itself. The purpose of this timer is to add more competition to the game and let the kids accomplish given tasks within a certain deadline.

Uses of Future Coders Robot Races

The purpose of Future Coders Robot Races play set is to give a glimpse of the basic coding concept for small kids. The kids have to use the provided challenge cards and accomplish various challenges within a given time period. During the play, the kids will have to place the direction cards to map the route towards the finish line.

When playing, the kids should wear the provided robot hat; that will make the kids to assume that they are playing robots.

Age range

ALEX Toys, the manufacturer of this play set recommends this product for kids of 4 years and older. Although this product is recommended for kids, even an adult can have some fun by playing it with the kids.

The main advantage of Future Coders Robot Races play set is that it provides the basic idea about the early coding logics. We believe that this concept would be helpful in encouraging kids to learn about coding later on as they grow on.


ALEX Toys Future Coders Robot Races is an innovative idea as a puzzle game. With the assistance of this system, you can expect kids to be curious about coding; such inspiration would take the kids a long way. The floor mat itself tends to slip a little but if the kids are watchful enough that will not be an issue. the overall product quality and the concept is really appreciable.

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Future Coders Robot Races