Hot Wheels Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Vehicle

Hot Wheels First Stormtrooper VehicleStar Wars comprises of many characters that represent good and bad. Regardless of which side they represent, these characters are loved by many individuals across the globe. Because of the immense popularity of these characters, fans around the world have started to collect their miniature figures. One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of Star Wars movie can be the attractiveness and the specialties of these characters. Although the first Star Wars movie was released back in the late 70s, the popularity of the concept of Star Wars is only likely to grow. Even the younger generation tends to show significant passion towards Star War movies. If you are a fan of this Star Wars concept, you probably are having a collection of toys inspired by it. In this review, we are going to elaborate on the characteristics of Hot Wheels Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Vehicle.

When it comes to Hot Wheels, it is an industry giant in the field of manufacturing popular toy cars according to various themes. The combination of Hot Wheels and Star Wars present you an excellent line of products to captivate the minds of millions of Star Wars fans across the globe. Some of their toys represent the battleships themselves while other toys come as character-inspired cars. Both of these toy car varieties have already become popular across the globe. In fact, these products have established themselves as a separate product line which is already widespread around the world. If you are a Star Wars fan, having a collection of Hot Wheels Star Wars product line will be an exciting hobby for you. With that being said, let’s take a look at the characteristics associated with Hot Wheels Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Vehicle.

Stormtrooper in Star Wars

Stormtroopers are the troopers that come from the Galactic Empire. These Stormtroopers are often called bucketheads by the rebellion citizens. This unique nickname is assigned mainly because of the shape of the helmets they wear (they wear masks with the form of a bucket). The armor they wear appears in the white color material called plastoid. Underneath the white helmet, you find a black body glove. Apart from the strong finish and the stunning appearance, the shield consists of various survival equipment that helps the Stormtroopers to withstand any environment. They are capable of directing bolt energy towards the enemies. In fact, Stormtroopers are considered to be the main strength of the Imperial Military. They are known for the loyalty and obedience to their command hierarchy. Sticking into the commands of Emperor Sheev Palpatine and protecting the Imperial Regime is their sole intention.

Stormtrooper-inspired Vehicle

You can now purchase Hot Wheels Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper as a result of the combination of reputed brands like Hot Wheels and Star Wars. This product can be one of the most admired toy vehicles found on the market today. Both kids and collectors will find this Stormtrooper-inspired toy car as a precious item that triggers their passion towards Star Wars. This car is specially designed according to the 1:64 scale, so the collectors will find it entirely admirable. The detailing of this car perfectly resembles the appearance of a genuine Stormtrooper. You can use this particular product to recreate and relive the beautiful scenes of the Star Wars movie. In addition to that, you can use it with other character cars (which you need to buy separately) and add more glamor to the scenes you create. You can tastefully display these items to impress the visitors and yourself.

Features of Hot Wheels Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper

Here are some of the most notable features associated with Hot Wheels Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper.

–    It is a superb collectible item you can add into your collection

–    You can combine it with other character cars offered by Hot Wheels Star Wars collection

–    It is a reimagination of the renowned Star Wars character Stormtrooper

–    It carries the authentic design and detailing of the original style

–    Every character car is manufactured according to 1:64 scale

–    One of the best gift ideas you should consider when visiting a Star Wars fan

Uses of Hot Wheels Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper

Mainly, it can be considered as an excellent collectible item. In addition to that, you may use it to play racing with other character cars as well.

Age range

Hot Wheels Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper is best recommended for kids over 3.


This product is available in leading online stores like Amazon and Walmart as of this writing.


If you are looking for good value addition to your character car collection, Hot Wheels Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper is a product you shouldn’t avoid. The overall detailing is perfect, and it offers excellent value for the money you spend.

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