Hot Wheels Star Wars IG-88 Vehicle

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Hot Wheels Star Wars IG 88 VehicleStar Wars is a movie full of excitement. It is known to be one of the most popular science fiction movies ever produced. In fact, Star Wars is a sequel that comprises of an extensive range of characters. These characters represent villains and heroes, just like in many other movies you see. The clashes take place between these villains and heroes contribute to the story of the Star Wars. As a matter of fact, both kids and adults love the concept of Star Wars. They really admire the different personalities associated with each character, and many of these fans tend to collect, and other Star Wars inspired toys. They celebrate their ‘Star Wars madness’ by expanding their collectibles. In the modern-day market, you will be able to find a broad range of toys that were inspired by Star Wars concept. For instance, you will be able to see a unique character-inspired product range under the brand name of Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels, as you may already know, is a leading brand that introduces an extensive range of toys of small sizes. They have partnered with renowned Star Wars and as a result of this partnership, there offer you a beautiful collection of die-casted, miniature sized toys. Hot Wheels Star Wars collection consists of really amazing pieces that can be considered as beautiful collectible items. In fact, these toys have become really popular among those who love Star Wars. If you are a fan of Star Wars and Hot Wheels toys, this can be the most suitable line of toys you can find in the market. Collecting this line of products will help you express your true passion towards Star Wars. Hot Wheels Star Wars IG-88 Vehicle is yet another addition to this respective product line. The purpose of this writing is to review the characteristics of this toy product from Hot Wheels.

IG-88 in Star Wars

As you may already know, IG-88 is regarded to be Phlutdroid too. This particular character is known for its ferocious masculine figure. It is specifically designed as an assassin droid. This IG-88 droid is a product of Holowan Laboratories. Being a rouge class 4 assassin droid that is intended solely for tasks like hunting, killing and destroying whatever he sees, IG-88 is a brutal character. Because of this barbaric behavior, IG-88 is renowned as a ruthless hunter. As per the movie, IG-88 has a height of 1.96 meters. He is capable of maintaining a steady aim and track the enemy targets with a better accuracy mainly because of the advanced sensors he is equipped with. He can see all the directions because of this advanced sensor technology. Red photoreceptors, a sound sensor, and a sophisticated heat sensor contribute to the sensor system he is equipped with. IG-88 is also equipped with a vocoder (located at the base of his head. He can rotate his torso fully so he can attack all the enemies even when they come from behind. The body of this merciless droid is made with a robust metal so he can withstand most of the attacks successfully.

IG-88-inspired vehicle (Hot Wheels Star Wars IG-88 vehicle)

Hot Wheels Star Wars IG-88 vehicle is a sturdy looking vehicle that inherits various characteristics of a well-known IG-88 droid. This individual product has a beautiful shape and a finishing that can captivate the minds of Star Wars fans. Just like its model character, Hot Wheels Star Wars IG-88 vehicle comes with a metallic-looking body. The overall shape of the body is lean (just like the IG-88). The front of the vehicle. It can accommodate only one person to ride it. You can consider it as one of the most elegantly made character cars in the Hot Wheels toy car collection.

Features of Hot Wheels Star Wars IG-88 vehicle

Here’s a list of features associated with Hot Wheels Star Wars IG-88 vehicle.

–    It is a part of the Hot Wheels Star Wars character inspired product line

–    IG-88-inspired vehicle comes with a beautiful overall appearance because of the metallic finish

–    It resembles the IG-88 droid character

–    It is a lovely collectible item

Uses of Hot Wheels Star Wars IG-88 vehicle

The primary purpose of this droid-inspired car is to have it as a collectible item. However, it can be used as a toy car too.

Age range

Like all the other product of this product line, Hot Wheels Star Wars IG-88 vehicle is best recommended for kids over 3.


Hot Wheels Star Wars IG-88 vehicle is available in leading online stores as of this writing.


Hot Wheels Star Wars IG-88 vehicle is an elegant character-inspired car that comes with subtle detailing. No matter whether you are a kid or an adult, this product can be an ideal collectible item if you are a Star Wars fan.

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Hot Wheels Star Wars IG-88 Vehicle