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Hot Wheels Star Wars Wicket VehicleIf you are among the millions of individuals who love Star Wars movies, you already know that this movie sequel consists of many different characters. Some of those characters are heroes, and others play the roles of villains of various types. In fact, the popularity of Star Wars movies depends on the clashes take place between the good and the bad. Regardless of their personalities, the characters appear in Star Wars are favorite among the fans. Many of the Star Wars fans today have the habit of collecting the mini-figures that represent the roles we mentioned. Apart from the mini-figures, these characters are portrayed by various vehicles too. For instance, companies like Hot Wheels have introduced a series of cars that resemble the appearances of famous Star Wars characters. Over the past period, collecting these mini-figures and character-inspired vehicles have become a hobby of many.

Are you a die-casted toy vehicle lover? If so, Hot Wheels must not be a strange name for you. Hot Wheels is considered to be one of the most renowned toy manufacturers that has a very long history. This particular toy brand has teamed up with the ever-popular Star Wars brand to offer you an excellent series of character-inspired toys. Hot Wheels have dedicated this specific line of products to the prominent characters featured in Star Wars movies. Some of these cars represent villains while others describe the heroes. These cars are becoming incredibly popular among the fans of Star Wars. If you love the concept of die-casted vehicles and Star Wars characters, this product line can be the perfect option for you. Collecting these miniature figures will bring you a lot of excitement, and that is a great way to express your passion towards Star Wars and Hot Wheels. With that being said, this article will review the characteristics of the Hot Wheels Star Wars Wicket Vehicle.

Wicket in Star Wars

Wicket Wystri Warrick is the great-grandson of Erpham Warrick (who is an Ewok warrior). This particular character comes from Bright Tree Village. At the initial stage, Wicket had a pretty much adventurous nature. However, Deej (Wicket’s father) wasn’t sure about how he gained this character. He had two brothers (who are older than Wicket). Apart from that, he had close friends called Latara, Teebo and Princess Kneesaa. Wicket’s adventurous life started when he was very young. Wicket and the friends mentioned before went on various missions to protect their village. Apart from that, they were able to protect the surrounding forest from multiple threats. At some point Wicket almost killed Emperor Palpatine (unintentionally). He was an essential character of the Battle of the Endor in which the Rebel Alliance defeated the Galactic Empire. Wicket and Kneesaa took over the control of the Bright Tree Village soon after the passing away of Chief Chirpa.

Wicket-inspired vehicle

Hot Wheels Star Wars Wicket Vehicle, just like the name suggests, comes with design and detailing that resembles the character of Wicket. This particular vehicle comes with the same color combination Wicket has. For instance, it comes with a darker brown body and a golden-brown canopy-like design. This individual product can be considered a really nice value addition to your toy collection particularly if you are planning to build or expand a selection of Star Wars character-inspired vehicles. Apart from viewing it as a collectible item, you may use it as a toy too. Kids can use this product to play various racing games combined with the other Hot Wheels vehicles. Although it is recommended for kids, Hot Wheels Star Wars Wicket Vehicle makes a beautiful collectible item for adults.

Features of Hot Wheels Star Wars Wicket Vehicle

Here are some of the most notable features associated with Hot Wheels Star Wars Wicket Vehicle.

–    It is a small vehicle that represents the outer appearance and color combination of Wicket.

–    You can use this product as a collectible item and expand your Star Wars inspired item collection.

–    It can also be considered as a cute toy car that can be used to race with other Hot Wheels vehicles.

–    It is manufactured by maintaining a scale of 1:64 so you can display the car more comfortable.

Uses of Hot Wheels Star Wars Wicket Vehicle

If you are an adult, you can use this car as a beautiful collectible item and display with the other Hot Wheels cars you already have. If you are a kid, you can use it to play racing.


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Age Range

This product, like many other Hot Wheels cars, is recommended for kids over 3.


Hot Wheels Star Wars Wicket Vehicle makes a nice collectible as well as a toy to play racing games. Also, it makes an excellent gift idea for a Hot Wheel Star Wars enthusiast.

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Hot Wheels Star Wars Wicket Vehicle