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Hot Wheels TechMods Review – Build Your Own Remote-Controlled Cars


The First Ever Gaming RC
Hot Wheels TechMods, a new level of toy cars from Hot Wheels, are a ground- breaking combination of remote-controlled cars and mobile gaming. By bringing the virtualand real worlds together Hot Wheels TechMods are the perfect RC for kids who are ready to take the next step up from die-cast toy cars.

fully assembled Techmod RC Car

Hot Wheels TechMods are super-fast and sturdy RC cars that you build yourself and control from your phone!

Build your own RC car from the chassis up then remote-control “free-drive” via the Hot Wheels TechMods app on your smart device. The app includes a selection of
games from on-screen driving games using the car as the steering controller to an augmented reality (AR) treasure hunt using your smartphone to steer the car and collect AR treasure.

Easy to Build – No Tools Required

The Hot Wheels TechMods come ready to build from the box – no additional tools required and a rechargeable lithium battery included. Recommended for children aged 8 to 16, the car should take only about 15 minutes to assemble following instructions in the app. You are then ready to connect to your smart device and start driving and gaming via the TechMods app.

The kit is made up of a plastic frame and chassis – the frame easily clips on top of the plastic chassis (which includes the four wheels and the battery). The body is then
made up from precut plastic sheets which need to be punched out, folded and fitted
in place with plastic rivets.
The app provides step-by-step instructions and animations to walk you through the
whole construction process – this should take no more than about 20 minutes.

RC car, Video games and AR games

At its core the Hot Wheels TechMods are remote controlled cars which are controlled via the Hot Wheels TechMods app on your smart device.

What makes these RC cars stand out from the crowd is the ability to not only remote control your car in the real world via your smartphone but also, in the AR world, collect loot to earn power-ups for the video games, and then additionally, in the virtual world, the car is used as the controller in the video games!


Hot Wheels Techmods App

Charge the lithium battery via a micro-USB port at the back of the car, connect to the TechMods app on your smartphone with the impressively fast Bluetooth link and then you are ready to start racing and gaming.

Use the TechMods app to control the car or use the car as the controller in digital races to collect boosts, levels and treasure.

  • Free Drive – remote control driving using the app to steer the car
  • Video Games – use the car as the controller to steer in a selection of video games
  • Treasure Hunt – use the app to control the Hot Wheels TechMods car and hunt for treasure and earn level-ups

Hot Wheels TechMods are suitable for kids 8 years and older: construction requires a little bit of patience, the folding of the body from the plastic sheets needs a slightly stronger hand, and the rivets qualify as small parts.


However, the selection of games in the Hot Wheels TechMods app, merging virtual and real worlds provides hours of entertainment suitable for kids and adult

Hot Wheels TechMods