Lego Classic 60th Anniversary Set Mission to Mars

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Lego Classic 60th Anniversary Set Mission to MarsIf you are a true Lego fan, you must know that Lego is celebrating its 60th anniversary (the modern plastic Lego brick was patented in 1958). As of today, open-ended Lego sets have become widely popular across the globe. Up to now, hundreds of billions of Lego blocks were sold among millions of kids. To celebrate their 60th anniversary, Lego introduced a yet another playset; Lego Classic 60th anniversary set: Mission to Mars.

This anniversary Lego play set is introduced in March. In fact, this is a pretty larger Lego set compared to many other games. Altogether, Mission to Mars Lego playset comes with 871 pieces. With the assistance of all these features, you are able to create a variety of moving objects. The objects your kid can create range from the space shuttle to vehicles to drum set. In fact, this is a really versatile collection of objects for a Lego set. In addition to a large number of Lego bricks, this Mission to Mars play set comes with three mini-figures and a special edition anniversary tile. We will discuss the other accessories of this set in a separate section in this article.

Each Lego standard 60th-anniversary set comprises a mixture of bright and colorful Lego pieces. These pieces facilitate an open-ended creative play and increase the thinking ability of the kids. Apart from the value of the Lego pieces are maximized with the inclusion of wheels, shapes and other elements. This is a unique brick set, and the product comes with a 60th anniversary Lego brick too. It also has a brick separator which allows your kids to do the building and rebuilding work more straightforwardly.

Because of the building complex and the potential choking hazards, this Classic 60th Anniversary Set is recommended for kids over 5. As we believe, this classic set of building blocks can increase the creativity and thinking ability of the kids.

Features of Lego Classic 60th Anniversary Set

Here is a list of features associated with this special 60th anniversary Lego set.

–    Each play set comprises of beautiful and brightly colored Lego pieces that facilitate a perfect open-ended creative play.

–    This Lego classic 60th Anniversary Set has a broad range of parts including wheels, eyes, and shapes.

–    In addition to that, it comes with a unique Lego brick that represents a 60th-anniversary celebration

–    It offers an extensive range of building complexities to match different skills levels

–    It is designed to increase the thinking ability of the kids who use Lego bricks

–    This classic Lego set includes a brick separator to make the building and rebuilding process more manageable for kids

–    Each play set consists of a large number of accessory elements

–    This Lego Classic play set consists of 871 pieces to give better detail to the objects you build

Accessories of Lego Classic 60th Anniversary Set

Well, when it comes to the accessories, this 60th anniversary Lego playset comes with plenty of them. A glass, a knight’s sword, a pair of binoculars, a snake, an apple, a croissant, a loaf of bread, a Popsicle, a mug, a camera, a wrench, a pirate’s sward, helmets, wigs, and flippers are among the accessories of this Lego playset.

Using all these accessories, you will be able to create a range of objects like creatures, vehicles, a drum set and a pirate ship. And, that is in addition to that spaceship. With the inclusion of these features, kids have the opportunity to unleash their creativity.

Uses of Lego Classic 60th Anniversary Set

By using this classic anniversary Lego set, you can create a large number of objects with a wide variety. You can encourage your kid to build a Space Shuttle and support him or her to learn about captivating facts about the space. Apart from that, your kids can create several other objects and produce a range of different scenes. With the support of the mini figures included, the kid can imagine plenty of opportunities. Apart from that, you can consider this particular classic Lego set to be a collectible item to remind the 60th anniversary of the modern Lego brick.

Age range

This individual product is recommended for kids who are at least 5. Kids, who are younger than 5, will find this product to be somewhat complicated. In addition to that, the small accessories included in this play set can cause a choking hazard on little kids.


If you are looking for a classic Lego set that represents some special milestone of world-famous Lego brick, Lego classic 60th Anniversary Set can be a superb choice. In addition to that, it will be a great gift idea to consider if you visit a kid older than 5.

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Lego Classic 60th Anniversary Set Mission to Mars