Lego Mini-figures – The Lego Batman Movie Series 2

Lego Minifigures The Lego Batman Movie Series 2The Lego Batman Movie Series 2 is a new addition to the collectible minifigure product line offered by Lego. This particular play set is presented as a sequel to the previously introduced minifigure product line. However, this new play set comes with more characters that were seen in the Lego Batman movie. If you are a fan of the Lego Batman movie series, “The Lego Batman Movie Series 2”is a must-have.

Batman Movie Series 2 was officially available in stores from January 2018. Just like the previous version of this product like Batman Movie Series 2 consists of 20 beautiful minifigures. Each pack comes with 20 different characters, and no duplicates are included.

This new Lego Batman Movie Series 2 is manufactured focusing more on the main characters of the Batman movie. Therefore, this playset is more suitable for a Lego-fan who is enthusiastic about collecting a comprehensive collectible series of minifigures. The appearance of these characters is enhanced by the addition of costumes that were seen in the Lego Batman movie itself.

If you have just got into collecting Lego’s collectibles, you should know that each of these mini-figures come in a ‘mystery’bag. They implement such approach to give you a feeling of more excitement and randomness. Although these products come in blind bags, this mini-figure series doesn’t come with any duplicate characters. Meaning, that it consists of 20 characters –each character is different from the others.

On the flip side of the base plates of these mini-figures, you will find the Batman logo. This logo depicts that this set is something unique compared to the regular mini-figure sets. These base plates ensure better strength and solidness. In addition to that, each game comes with instructions that let you build the complex mini-figures (there are 4 of them). Additionally, it has a set of accessories for the mini-figure characters.

 Features of Lego Batman Movie Series 2

–    This is a mini-figure set that represents the characters featured in Lego Batman movie.

–    Each mini-figure collection consists of 20 characters that are different from each other.

–    Each of these mini-figures is associated with different costumes that were seen in the Lego Batman movie.

–    There are 4 complex mini figures included in each set; each of these elaborate sets come with a set of building instructions.

–    With each mini-figure set, you get a set of accessories too.

–    The base plate of the characters comes with Batman logo. It offers a better solidness to the character.

–    All the mini-figures in this set represent the main characters of the Lego Batman movie.

–    Lego characters come in blond bags; you never know what’s inside the bag until you open it.

 Accessories of Lego Batman Movie Series 2

Having a variety of accessories is a common characteristic associated with Lego play sets. Lego Batman Movie Series 2 comes with 20 different mini figures and various other accessories to the delight of Lego fans across the globe. Here is the list of mini-figure characters included in this Lego Batman Movie set.

–    Beach Batman

–    Beach Batgirl

–    Beach Robin

–    Beach Alfred

–    Beach Joker

–    Black Canary

–    Disco Alfred

–    Disco Harley Quinn

–    Mermaid Batman

–    Batfan Batgirl

–    Apache Chief

–    Jayna (of the Wonder Twins)

–    Zan (of the Wonder Twins)

–    General Zod

–    Jor-El

–    Black Vulcan

–    Hugo Strange

–    Killer Moth

–    Doctor Phosphorus

–    Clock King

Because of the fine details they have added to the mini-figures, it is pretty hard to predict which character will be more famous. As we see, all those characters are beautiful, and we cannot rank one style over another.

 Uses of the Lego Batman Movie Series 2

As a Lego enthusiast, this is a fantastic addition to your Lego Minifigure collection. You can display these figures on your display cabinet and even relive some movie scenes of Lego Batman. Each of these playsets comes with a range of other accessories as well. Thanks to the main characters included in this Lego Minifigure set, you can consider it as an excellent value addition to your existing toy collection.

 Age range

This product is recommended for anyone who is older than 5. That means, even if you are an adult, you can buy this Lego Batman Movie Series 2 and include it in your collection. Children, who are younger than 5, should not be allowed to use this product mainly due to the choking hazards.


The overall product quality of this Series 2 is impressive. It represents the famous characters of the Lego Batman movie. Undoubtedly, this can be a great value addition to your excising Lego mini-figure collection. Apart from having this set for yourself, it is a great gift idea.

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