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NEW Owleez is the mutant offspring of a cuddly pet and a helicopter!

A very cute interactive toy pet that responds to touch and motion . . . and it flies!

This is a nurturing toy combined with a drone – Owleez needs to be cared for, it also needs to be taught to fly. You must take good care of your cute little Owleez, you can and should, stroke it, tickle it, feed it, burp it, teach it, encourage it and send it off to sleep!


Care for Your Owleez

Owleez is an interactive toy pet, it craves attention by way of big glowing eyes that change colour according to its mood, Sets of sensors under the surface of the toy, responds to stroking, tickling, feeding and motion. Feed Owleez with its favourites (toy) berries (included with Owleez) and listen to it munching away. Once Owleez has eaten its fill you may notice a green tinge in its eyes, that’s your cue to burp Owleez . . . a little belch and all is well! Chase away Owleez’ sad whimpering by stroking it on the head. Tickle Owleez on the tummy and you will be rewarded by gentle murmurs and coos. Motion sensors in the toy allow Owleez to know when you are gently rocking it to sleep and when you are teaching it to fly.

Owleez – Teach Me to Fly

Teaching Owleez to fly is the next step in your relationship with your newest cute pet. Swing Owleez back and forth through the air . . . Wheeee, Owleez will let you know that learning is fun! As you teach Owleez to fly in this way it will quickly gain confidence and want to take that first solo flight. Place Owleez in its nest and if Owleez is not yet ready to fly it will murmur sadly and its eyes will turn red. However, if Owleez is ready to fly its head will raise up and wings (soft plastic, rotor blades) will be revealed, Owleez is then ready to take flight. At first, Owleez will fly for 2-3 seconds and will gradually build up to longer flights of about 10 seconds.

Tired from flying, Owleez will be ready to return to its nest and, with some encouragement, quietly sing itself to sleep. (The nest is where the toy recharges its batteries.)


It is easy to reset Owleez and start the learning process all over again.

Cute and Colourful Owleez

Owleez are colourful pets currently in two main colour schemes, pink or white. Each Owleez comes with its own nest which is also a charging station

Owleez’ unexpected meeting of different technologies works superbly – it is a great concept executed very well in one captivating and delightful toy.

Certain to be a Christmas hit, expect Owleez to be in great demand as it captures the attention of children everywhere.

Owleez responds and interacts with you AND IT FLIES 

Owleez LOVES to be fed, petted, tickled and rocked.  

Keep interacting with OWLEEZ and then the time is right OWLEEZ will fly just like a REAL OWL.  

Kids will love to make Owleez happy because when they do OWLEEZ will fly away from the nest 



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Owleez Review

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