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TicKLE’ems – Tickles and Laughs in a Cute Cuddly Toy


TICKLE’EMs are certain to be a big hit with all kids this year. After all, who can resist cute cuddly toys that let you know how much they enjoy being tickled?!

The incredibly cute Tickle’Em are little cuddly toys from WowWee made just for you to tickle and there are so many ways that you can tickle ’em!

You can . . . shake your cute TickleEm . . . but prepare yourself for a super silly surprise


You can . . . swing your soft TickleEm to make them giggle

You can . . . throw your cuddly TickleEm to make them laugh out loud

You can even throw them and they still go WhooooHoooo

. . . or you can simply give them lots and lots of tickles and make them laugh and laugh and laugh

WowWee’s Tickle’Em toys are going to be massive when they come out later in 2019. They are a guaranteed winner. Tickle’Ems are loads of fun for all kids who love tickles, laughs and giggles in a cute and cuddly toy.

Available late 2019

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