Treasure X Aliens NEW for 2019

85 / 100

NEW Treasure X Aliens Review


Alien Slime Belly Treasure X Aliens have to be one of the best, most awesome, gross-out toys ever! The perfect combination of unboxing, slime, aliens, treasure hunting, collectables . . . and did we mention slime?! Alien Slime Belly Treasure X Aliens tick all of the boxes.

Save the Adventurous Treasure Hunters – Dissect an Alien!


Top gross-out fun with these slime filled Alien Slime Belly Treasure X Aliens.

Space travelling treasure hunters seeking space gems mined from meteors have been kidnapped and eaten up by Treasure X Aliens – your mission is to rescue these brave explorers and retrieve the space gems!

Even the packaging of these toys is impressive – cool and practical. Each substantial and sturdy rubber Treasure X Alien arrives in its own neatly designed capsule (which also serves as storage for the Treasure X Alien and keeps the slime moist). Open up the capsule and then use the kid-friendly tools provided or simply dig in with fingers to rescue a treasure hunter from the slime filled belly of the alien, find their weapon and the remove the blind-bag intestines where the space gem can be retrieved from its gooey hiding place.


Collect Treasure X Aliens, Treasure Hunters, Weapons & Space Gems

There is a range of different aliens to collect, each packaged in coloured see-through capsules and including safe but practical tools: scalpel and tweezers. The tools make it easy to perform surgery on the Treasure X Aliens and remove the treasure from the gooey slime inside each doll.

Fun to Unbox, Easy to Store

From start to finish, the whole Treasure X Alien experience is an excellent and fun “unpackaging” adventure – remove the alien from the capsule (which can later be used to store the toy and keep the slime moist) open up the belly with the tool provided, take out the ribcage and delve into the slimy depths of the Treasure X Alien’s belly. Digging through the slime with tweezers or fingers to find the missing treasure hunter, their weapon and the missing space gem is only part of the fun of this toy. Once the treasures have been retrieved from the belly of the Treasure X Alien, the slime can be stored in the head of the doll – squeeze the head and the slime comes out as gooey alien tears and drool!

Collect and Swap – Kid-safe and Parent-friendly

Unlike other digging-for-treasure unboxing toys the gooey slime in the belly of the Treasure X Aliens provides a messy experience loved by children but without the real mess of digging through dirt or sand.

The range of Treasure X Aliens and the various treasure hunters, weapons and space gems make these toys not only good, clean fun but also collectable and swappable.

Action Figure of the Year, 2019

The Treasure X Alien has already been awarded Action Toy of the Year by the Australian Toy Association – a very prestigious Toy of the Year Award for this sensory-rich, alien-autopsy, slime-filled, “unboxing” toy.


Slime and Unboxing – a Perfect Combination!

Treasure X Aliens NEW for 2019