Gigantosaurus Dino Kids Review

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Gigantosaurus the New DISNEY TV show about to take Kids by STORM in 2019  
Gigantosaurus is based on the book by Jonny Duddle which was a best seller and  Gigantosaurus teaches kids around the ages of ages 4-6 the importance of friends and teamwork. 
It follows the adventures of four young prehistoric dinosaur friends as they explore their world looking for the biggest dinosaur of all  
The “Gigantosaurus”  
Gigant is the, fiercist and largest of all the dinosaurs and the Dino Characters set out on adventures to learn about this gigantic dinosaur. 
Inquisitive Mazu, playful Tiny, Scared Bill and Brave Rocky all want to discover the secrets of Gigantosaurus, and they will all find out they can learn a lot from Giganto. 

Gigantosaurus and friends will be aired on the disney channel and follows the adventures of 4 cute dinosaur characters 


The adventures of the Dino Kids 

The show will focus on young dinosaurs who are continuing exploring their Dinosuar world to discover the secret of the Gigantosaurus.  
They will have many adventures and Along the way they will discover new situations and the only way overcome these problems is by working together as a team. 

The Characters are made up of 5 characters who will go on the adventures together.: 
The Gigantosaurus Disney Cast  

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  1. Gigantosaurus Mazu –  Mazu is a young dinosaur who wants to learn more about the world and his character is very inquisitive and always investigating things to learn more about the world. 
  1. Gigantosaurus Tiny – Tiny loves to have fun and is the crazy dinosaur who just  wants to have adventures and lots of fun along the way. 
  1. Gigantosaurus Bill – Bill is very cautious and is very wary and he keeps the Dinos from taking too many risky chances Bill is the cautious dinosaur and he does not get too excited when there is an adventure to be had. 
  1. And Gigantosaurus Rocky – Rocky is brave and adventurous and always excited to go on adventures he also is the one who always come to the rescue when something brave needs to be done he is happy to confront any problems and he is happy to take the risks on each adventure. 

This new Disney Junior show should be a guaranteed hit as Children have always loved dinosaurs and they will immediately fall in love with these unique characters, because they are learning just like them, and learning to become independent and learning about the importance of being themselves and being a good friend and working as a team to accomplish things. 

Disney Gigantoaurus Toys  

As with many new television shows, they create toys around the television show and GIGANTOSAURUS is no different. 
Disney will be releasing all 5 characters with an exciting toy line. 
Each character will have its own figurine so your child can collect all five  
Gigantosaurus Mazu Toy  
Gigantosaurus Tiny Toy  
Gigantosaurus Bill toy  
Gigantosaurus Rocky to  
And lastly  
Giganto toy 

You can buy each toy individually or you can buy the  
Giganto and Friends Figure Playset 

The Giganto friends and figure play set includes all 5 charaacters and should be available on Amazon later in 2019. 

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Gigantosaurus Dino Kids Review

Gigantosaurus Dino Kids Review HappydancegiftGigantosaurus Dino Kids Review Gigantosaurus Dino Kids Review Gigantosaurus Dino Kids Review Gigantosaurus Dino Kids Review