Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus

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Jurassic World Roarivores AllosaurusIt is needless to reemphasize how exciting and thrilling the world of Jurassic is. Both kids and adults across the globe are highly interested in exploring different types of dinosaur creatures that lived millions of years ago. There is no shortage of movies produced about the Jurassic era as you may already know. Jurassic World is an iconic movie that is based on these exciting and terrifying reptiles. If you are a fan of Jurassic World movie or the dinosaurs, Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus action figure will be a perfect value addition to your collection of toys.

Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus action figure is manufactured with decent attention to details. This Allosaurus figure helps Jurassic World fans to recreate their favorite scenes from the movie and re-experience the thrill and joy. The authentic details and close-to-realistic design help fans of Jurassic World fans to relive in their world of excitement. The features integrated into the body of the dinosaur makes a nice texture. You can use it to enjoy the fullest excitement and relive in the world of Jurassic. Creating various scenes and exploring their fantastic world will be a thrilling experience for any Jurassic lover.

Just like the other Jurassic World action figures, Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus too comes with movable body parts (head, arms, and legs). Such a feature allows users to recreate movie scenes with more realistic movements. In addition to that, Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus is capable of creating the sound unique to the species.

Thanks to the realistic sculpting, beautifully textured decoration and movable legs and arms, Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus can assure more excitement and joy. On top of the outer appearance of this Jurassic World action figure, it comes with a sound feature too. The built-in sound feature is activated with a push button switch, and that adds a more realistic feeling when creating the scenes associated with Jurassic World.

Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus comes as a part of the Jurassic World action figure series. This series consists of other action figures such as Triceratops, Baryonyx, and Metriacanthosaurus in addition to the Allosaurus. Collecting all these figures will surely deliver endless amounts of fun and excitement for kids and adults.

All these action figures come with a push button feature that ignites the unique sound and the attack mode. These actions may include head striking, flapping the wings, striking using the tails, chomping, etc. depending on the variety of the dinosaur.

Features of Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus

There are various features associated with Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus. Here are those features in a nutshell.

–    Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus, as the name suggests, is the movie figure of Allosaurus.

–    Roarivores Allosaurus figure comes with movable body parts such as head, arms, and legs (to make the storytelling process more realistic with different types of poses.

–    All these characters are inspired by the movie Jurassic World.

–    Each Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus figure is capable of making own moves and unique sound; to activate these sounds and movements, you should press the button which is built in the body.

–    Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus can perform a variety of actions such as biting, chomping, attacking, head butting, etc.

–    Because of the articulated body parts such as arms and legs and realistic sculpting, kids can enjoy a better experience when reliving their favorite movie scenes

–    You can collect the other figures of this series and create a unique collection of your favorite dinosaurs.

Uses of Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus

One of the most obvious applications associated with Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus is that kids can recreate and relive various scenes related to movie Jurassic World. The realistic features of this particular product encourage kids to create multiple stages and explore more about the dinosaur species. In addition to that, this individual product can be used as an adorable collectible item too. You can add this Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus action figure to your collection of toys and make it a complete one.


In fact, Jurassic World Roarivores series consists of several dinosaur varieties; Triceratops, Baryonyx and Metriacanthosaurus, and Allosaurus. All these figures are introduced as parts of a collection. This collection is available in many online stores including Amazon.

Age Range

The manufacturers of Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus recommend this product for kids over 36 months. However, this product can also be used by adults at least as a collectible action figure.


In general, Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus is an excellent value addition to your action figure collection. It is a part of the series of Jurassic World movie-inspired action figures. If you plan to buy a unique gift idea for your kids, Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus is an excellent idea. It offers a good value for the price you pay.

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Jurassic World Roarivores Allosaurus