Pie Face Sky High

82 / 100

TOY IMAGES 42Have you visited the toy store lately? There’s so many amazing toys currently on the shelves, with even more coming out later this year. While there are many cool toys and gadgets coming out, we would like to take a minute or two to look at the Pie Face Sky High.

What is Pie Face Sky High?

With the Pie Face Sky High, someone will be sure to get a yummy pie in their face – is it going to be use? The premise behind it is simple – basically all you have to do is turn the pie thrower on and see if you get a pie slung in your face. There’s true anticipation nesting behind this game, which is what drives excitement of this game, making it suitable for members both young and old.

Who Would Benefit from Pie Face Sky High?

Like we said, it is suitable for members of different generations. It’s great to use during sleepovers, family gatherings and even grown-up get-togethers. That’s right, this isn’t just a “toy” for the little ones – adults

can have a lot of fun with this as well.

Setting it Up

When it comes to setting it up, it’s quick and easy – there’s a reason it has received a large amount of attention


Everyone five and up can play this game

Fun to bring out during group gatherings


Mediocre quality. This means it probably isn’t going to last more than a couple of years, but that is okay, because you can get your fair share of fun with this.

Do You Use Real Pie?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to use a real pie. The “pie” can be the included sponge. You can wet it, or to kick things up a notch or two, you can put some whipped cream on the sponge. Some people choose to use shaving cream, but that doesn’t taste so well and it burns the eyes.

Included in the Box

In the box, the following items are included:

Pie Thrower

Pair of Handles

Throwing Arm

Splash Guard

Chin Rest




Basically, with this game, players take turns clicking the pie thrower according to the number they have spun. Each time you get through all your clicks for that turn, you receive one point. When you get “pied,” this means zero points will be given for that turn. The first player that reaches 25 points wins the game. This game is a game of luck and you never know when it’s going to go off and sling a pie sky high.


This is the type of game you can play at almost any party or get-together, regardless of your age. This game works great for those that are into slapstick humor and surprises. Some people are under the impression that the throwing arm is defective when they receive the product – it’s not. The curved part is supposed to face the person that is at the pie clicker – the hollowed part faces away from the person. Regardless, this game is packed full of fun and suspends and eventually, someone is bound to get splatted.

Pie Face Sky High