Play-Doh’s Buzz and Cut Set

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Play Dohs Buzz and Cut SetHow about an idea of a playset that lets kids practice colorful and creative hairstyle using miniature figures? Well, Play-Doh’s Buzz and Cut Set that kind of play set that lets the kids have enormous amount of fun.

Play-Doh’s Buzz and Cut Set is a pretty different idea compared to most of the play sets in the market. This product consists of variety of accessories and a specially made colorful compound for kids to try different types of hair styles on the provided miniature characters. The characters (there are three of them) come in the form of thimbles. The kids can use the colored compound and create awesome hair styles on these thimbles. To create these hair styles, the kid will have to use the other accessories provided with the play set.

Most definitely, this play set can help kids to think innovatively and make creative hair styles. They should consider the thimbles as their customers and apply appealing hair styles. In fact, maintaining a miniature barbershop at home and trying large number of hair styles is a really cool idea. Such play set inspire the creativity of the kids and brainstorm them.

The materials they have used are said to be completely friendly for humans; they claim that this playset is free from toxins. This product comes from the reputed toy manufacturer, Hasbro.

Features of Play-Doh’s Buzz and Cut Set

Here is a list of features associated with Play-Doh’s Buzz and Cut Set.

  • This play set works as a miniature barber shop that can inspire your kids’ creativity
  • Simple and basic tool set offers endless opportunities for the kid to play
  • Kids can create super crazy hair cuts with the characters that comes in the form of thimbles
  • Unlimited amount of options to try with three different thimble characters and 6 different Play-Doh colors
  • Can create ponytails and mohawks with the provided tools
  • Each play set comes with a range of accessories; unassembled playset, 3 characters that come in the form of thimbles, 2 book-molds, 4 other accessory tools to make it more creative and 6 cans of modeling compound that comes under the brand of Play-Doh
  • The kid gets a chance to play the role of the owner of the barbershop and make own decisions
  • Each play set is made with non-toxic materials that are friendly to the kids
  • Affordable price compared to other playset models

Accessories of Play-Doh’s Buzz and Cut Set

As mentioned before, this Play-Doh’s Buzz and Cut Set includes a range of accessories to establish a complete miniature barber shop.

  • A family of 3 characters that come in the form of thimbles
  • Six cans of modeling compound that comes as a branded material of Play-Doh
  • 2 book molds that can be used to create ponytails and mohawks
  • 4 other accessory tools that helps creating awesome hair styles
  • A barber chair for the thimble character to sit until the hair style is done

Uses of Play-Doh’s Buzz and Cut Set

It is not difficult to figure out the purpose of this Play-Doh’s Buzz and Cut Set; your kids can use it to play a barbershop game as if they own the place. Although the setting appears to be pretty small in size, it has all the basic features to form a regular barbershop.

To make a cool looking hairstyle, kids should insert a piece of compound of desired color into the thimble. Then, the respective thimble should be placed on the chair (slide it in using the railing). Once the thimble is fixed perfectly, the kid should spin the reel attached to the chair. When the compound is compressed, it will come out through the small holes in the head of the thimble to create a hair style. Subsequently, the kid can cut or shape the hair accordingly.

Age range

Although this product is designated for kids, we believe that even an adult can have considerable amount of fun with it. Even the product description says that it suits for kids of age 3 and above (there is no maximum age limit).  Both girls and boys can use this product and experience endless amount of fun. The product doesn’t pose any harm as it doesn’t contain any toxic substances. However, you shouldn’t let toddles handle this playset because of the potential choking hazards.


If you are looking for a novel playset that can deliver substantial amount of fun and excitement, Play-Doh’s Buzz and Cut Set can be a good idea. Apart from fun and excitement, it can necessarily inspire the creativity of your kids. This miniature barbershop concept can fascinate you even if you are an adult. Overall, this is a decent gift idea that comes with an affordable price tag.

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Play-Doh’s Buzz and Cut Set