Code n Learn Kinderbot review

83 / 100

Code n learn code n Think Kinderbot Review 
The NEW Fisher-Price Think and Learn Code’n Learn Kinderbot 
This NEW Kinderbot helps to get kids a quick head start in lifeTargeting kids from age 2 to 3 and it teaches them colors, letters, counting, andshapes, PLUS it even teaches them how to code.  
A Great Robot friend that helps kids gear up and get ready for Kindergarden
It has all the basic learning tools like shapes, colors, counting etc


It also has a secret code mode where your kids can unlock secret codes and it trains the kid’s mind for very basic coding while at the same time the child enjoys interacting and playing. 
Think n learn Code and Learn kinderbot can also change into other things like a motorcycle, a Saxophone, a bulldozer it can even walk the dog haha. 
This is a great little learning robot which will prepare your child for Kindergarten while entertaining your child for hours on end. 

It’s available this Fall at an expected price of $60,00 

Code n Learn Kinderbot review