K’NEX Flying: Rotor-Powered 10-Model Building System

82 / 100

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There are a lot of toys currently available on the market that will bring out a kids creative side – many times, that’s what toy makers aim for. What good is a toy if it doesn’t make room for imagination and creativity? If you’re looking for a special play set, then the K’NE Flying: Rotor-Powered 10-Model Building System seems pretty cool. Today, we are here to give you an honest review on this building system so that you can decide whether or not it is a viable option for your little one.

What Does the Set Come with?

This set comes with a total of 480 K’NEX parts and pieces – that is a whole lot of pieces for a little one, right? With that, they can build quite a few things. Amongst these pieces, you’ll also find connectors and robs that are attached to one another in a variety of ways.
There’s snap-fit pieces that stick together securely, but you can easily reassemble them in order to build other creations.

The Models Move

This K’NEX building set stands out from the crowd, because with it, the little ones will be able to not only create a variety of models, but the models will move. That’s right – this set will allow the users to build interactive toys and figures like airplanes, helicopters, trucks and auto parts like wings, rotors, wheels, and tracks.

Instruction Manual Included

Don’t worry, your little one won’t be on his/her own with this building set – it comes with an instruction manual that is easy to follow. This instruction manual will show them how to build a total of 35 unique models. Each one has a step-by-step guidelines and as we said before, it is easy to follow.

Who is This Set for?

This set has been designed for children that are ages 7 and up. This set is great for those children that like to build, enjoy challenging moments and have a wild imagination (isn’t that all kids?).

Teaches Children How the Building System Works

Surely, many children wonder how the building system works, right? Well, with this set, they can place different parts together and learn how the building system works.

Improves Coordination

While this set is fun and exciting, there’s much more to it. It can help strengthen hand-eye coordination, improve problem-solving skills, fine motor skills and spatial awareness. Also, of course, it exercises their imagination.

Responsibly Made

There’s no need to worry about this toy – the connectors and rods were responsibly made in the United States at a zero-waste green manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania. The company tests the safety standards in order to make sure the little ones have a trouble-free building experience. The company has a guarantee on their parts – if for some reason a part is missing or broken, all you have to do is give them a call and they’ll send the missing or broken part to you as soon as possible.


This is a company that is all about having fun with top of the line toys – they put a lot of focus on their quality and make sure it’s built with safety in mind. Children enjoy this set due to the imagination and the fact that once they build something, it practically comes to life.

K’NEX Flying: Rotor-Powered 10-Model Building System