Enchantimals Hixby Hedgehog Doll

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Enchantimals Hixby Hedgehog DollEnchantimals Hixby Hedgehog Doll is quite a different figure compared to many other doll figures included in Enchantimals series. In fact, it is a male figure. Just like all the other dolls in this Enchantimals series, Hixby Hedgehog doll too comes with a special pet friend called Pointer the hedgehog. Both the doll and his pet friend have various characteristics in common – that something in common for all the Enchantimals characters.

As you may know, all the characters and their pets of Enchantimals series have a special bond between them. This special bond regarding appearance and other characteristics help kids to recreate various scenes and tell stories of their imagination. The main character (Hixby) comes with a height of 8.5 inches; just like all the other doll characters in Enchantimals series. The hedgehog friend (Pointer) comes with an adorable appearance; the appearance of this cute hedgehog is highlighted with a nice pair of orange sunglasses. Furry hair of the Pointer (the hedgehog) makes it a favorite character. Hixby (the doll) also wears the same type of sunglasses to be compatible with the pet doll. The doll wears a really cool outfit that gives a really relaxed and casual feeling. The checked shirt and the pair of trendy jeans make it a charming combination. Apart from that, Hixby wears really nice leather sleeves to make the overall appearance a more fashionable one. Furry trim and black boots add subtle details to this doll figure. On top of all those fashion accessories, Hixby has a spiky molded hair that perfectly complements the appearance of Pointer, the hedgehog. Kids will definitely love to play various scenes and tell different stories using these two characters.

The doll has specific facial details on his face; these details match the pet’s appearance. In addition to that, the color combinations on the clothing and skin of the characters match the looks of each other. With that being said, both of these characters make a refreshing combination allowing kids to play various stories and recreate multiple scenes.

Apart from using this storytelling playset as a toy, kids can even consider it as a collectible item. Many individuals today collect these beautiful Enchantimals dolls as a hobby, and if you are one of them, Enchantimals Hixby Hedgehog Doll is an item you shouldn’t miss.

Features of Enchantimals Hixby Hedgehog Doll

There are various features associated with every Enchantimals playset. Here are a few of the outstanding features of Enchantimals Hixby Hedgehog Doll.

–    The male doll figure (called Hixby) comes with a height of 8.5 inches

–    Hixby has a sweet friend called Pointer the hedgehog

–    Each hedgehog comes with a real cure design that will make kids love it

–    Hixby the doll and pointer the hedgehog comes with characteristics to complement each other

–    Pointer, the hedgehog, wears a pair of orange eyeglasses

–    Enchantimals Hixby Hedgehog Doll too wears orange glasses to match with its pet friend

–    Hedgehog comes with a cute furry hairstyle that complements the furry trim of Hixby the doll

–    The doll wears a cute, colorful outfit that comprises a checked shirt, faded jeans, and leather sleeves. In addition to that, he wears a nice pair of black boots to emphasize his cool look

–    The specially designed spiky hair of the hedgehog assures a cool look

–    The hair of the doll has a giant pair of ears to match the pet hedgehog doll

–    It is an ideal playset for those who are looking to play various stories and create multiple scenes

Accessories of Enchantimals Hixby Hedgehog Doll

Usually, any Enchantimals product comes with various accessories. Enchantimals Hixby Hedgehog Doll has several accessories just like the other products of this series. Here are some of the accessories included in this setup.

–    Pointer, the hedgehog, is the pet character included in this product

–    Enchantimals Hixby Hedgehog Doll wears a jacket, a pair of trousers, shoes and a couple of orange color glasses as fashion accessories

–    He also wears a nice-looking furry trim

–    Pointer, the hedgehog, wears a pair of glasses and has a cute hairstyle

Uses of Enchantimals Hixby Hedgehog Doll

Kids can tell various stories using this unique and beautiful playset. Apart from that, they can have this product as an excellent collectible item.

Age range

Like all the other dolls offered by Enchantimals, this product too is recommended for kids over 4 years.


If you are looking to make your Enchantimals dolls collection a complete one, Enchantimals Hixby Hedgehog Doll should be in it. It is a male figure that comes with a pet hedgehog called Pointer. Although it is best recommended for kids, even an adult can consider having this doll as a collectible item.

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Enchantimals Hixby Hedgehog Doll