Enchantimals Karina Koala Doll

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Enchantimals Karina Koala DollKarina Koala Doll is another cute value addition to Enchantimals Doll series. As you may already know, all the dolls presented by Enchantimals come with really loveable characters. These characters are designed to build a special bond with the animal friends included in the playset. When playing the story, the animals and dolls work together to present really awesome scenes. The appearance of the Karina Koala doll complements Koala theme. Both the Koala figure and the toy itself matches perfectly regarding appearance.

The Koala friend, who is named as Dab, comes with the furry patch on the hair. Moreover, the Koala friend has a small floral decoration that effortlessly complements the looks of the Karina Koala doll. On the other hand, the toy itself comes with a really colorful outfit that expresses her personality and affection. The doll wears a removable skirt – just like the other dolls of this series do – that comes with a beautiful design. The floral design of the dress comes with a vibrant color combination including pink and yellow. Her skirt comes with furry trim, and the yellow bodice is decorated using more flowers. Apart from her dress, she has a really colorful hair in bright pink color. This pink color hair makes the doll appear more elegant; the hair is rooted, and therefore, the durability is assured. She has a giant pair of Koala ears on top of her hair. Also, you will be able to see a cute little floral decoration on an ear. Some details have added onto her face to show a style of a Koala. All these details create a functional link between the doll and the Koala.

Kids can use this storytelling playset to recreate various scenes and stories and enjoy a cool playset. It is an adorable value addition for those who are looking to have Enchantimals in their collectible item. Kids can use it to tell enchanting stories of their own.

Features of Enchantimals Karina Koala Doll

Now, let’s take a look at the most significant features associated with Enchantimals Karina Koala Doll.

–    Karina Koala doll comes as a figure with a height of six inches

–    It comes as a part of the Enchantimals doll series

–    Each playset includes cute Koala called Dab in addition to the 6” doll

–    The appearance of the koala is charming mainly because of the patch of the hair as a decoration

–    It comes with a colorful outfit that has a cute floral design

–    She wears a removable skirt with a furry trim; yellow bodice is decorated with more flowers

–    The doll has a pair of pink color boots; these boots are embellished with Koala faces

–    The hair of the toy is trimmed with large Koala ears

–    The overall appearance of the doll and Dab (the Koala) complements each other

–    It can be used as a storytelling playset as well as an excellent value addition to your collectible set

Accessories of Enchantimals Karina Koala Doll

As a matter of fact, Enchantimals Karina Koala Doll doesn’t come with a broad range of accessories like some of the dolls in this Enchantimals series. With that being said, here are some of the accessories included in this playset.

–    Dab the Koala who comes as a really cute mini-figure to match the doll

–    The doll comes with a removable skirt that has a beautiful floral design

–    The hair of the toy is decorated with a pair of cute Koala ears

–    On top of an ear, she got a floral decoration

–    She wears a pair of pink shoes with Koala faces

Uses of Enchantimals Karina Koala Doll

One of the apparent applications associated with Karina Koala doll is playing storytelling games. Kids can use this product to recreate various scenes and inspire their imagination. Apart from playing with it, however, anyone can have this cute playset as a collectible item too.

Age range

The manufacturers of this product suggest it for the kids over 4 years. They don’t recommend it for tiny kids mainly because of the small components that can cause a choking hazard. Other than that, this playset can be a perfect value addition to any collectible set, even if you are an adult.


If you are looking for a good playset for your kid, an excellent gift idea when visiting a small kid or looking for a collectible item, Enchantimals Karina Koala Doll can be a perfect value addition. Being a part of Enchantimals’ series of dolls, this playset is a really excellent product that comes with colorful designs and adorable details to impress kids. The overall product quality is really decent. Enchantimals Karina Koala doll gives a good return on the money you spend.

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Enchantimals Karina Koala Doll