Enchantimals Peeki Parrot Doll

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Enchantimals Peeki Parrot DollThis is another super-cute playset from Enchantimals. This playset is designed according to a beautiful Parrot theme that can keep your kids excited. Similar to all the other Enchantimals dolls, this product too comes as a playset that comprises the doll and a fellow character. With the combination of these two characters, kids can recreate various scenes and inspire their storytelling ability. The adorable design of the product can keep your kids really excited, and that is something familiar with all the Enchantimals products. In this playset, the friend of the doll comes in the form of a parrot (Sheeny) and the doll’s name, as you may already know, is Peeki Parrot Doll.

Like any other Enchantimals doll, this playset comes with really nice detailing to make the kids love it. All the details applied to both the figures (Peeki Parrot Doll and Sheeny the Parrot). Colorful outfits are a standard among the Enchantimals product, and there is no exception to that when it comes to Peeki Parrot Doll playset. Peeki Parrot doll comes with a beautiful outfit with a bright bodice and a blue & green removable skirt. The skirt comes with a green and blue design coupled with a sheer floral cape. In addition to that, it comes with a pink furry collar to add more fashion and elegance. The addition of the pink shoes gives her a more unique appearance. These shoes are designed to have a parrot wing shape. On top of all those designs, she wears a cute headpiece that comes with a unique design. Compared to many other Enchantimals dolls, this doll has more decorations with more colors. Apart from that, she has colorful markings on the face making her more fashionable.

Sheeny the parrot comes with a beautiful feather design and color combination. The features of this beautiful parrot figure provide a fresh appearance. So, both the doll and her pet parrot complement each other perfectly. Kids will love to play various stories with these two beautiful characters. Any kid will like to have this beautiful playset in their collection and trigger their imagination. Apart from playing multiple scenarios with it, you can consider it as a collectible too (collecting all the dolls in this Enchantimals series is a hobby of many individuals these days).

Features of Enchantimals Peeki Parrot Doll

As you may already know, each Enchantimals playset comes with a range of features. That being said, here are the most notable features associated with Enchantimals Peeki Parrot doll.

–    Cute Peeki Parrot doll comes with a height of six inches

–    Peeki parrot doll is designed to resemble a parrot inspired theme

–    Each Peeki Parrot doll has a beautifully designed, removable skirt that comes with a green and blue combination

–    Apart from the skirt design, the doll wears a colorful pair of shoes that complement her overall fashionable appearance

–    She has a delightful sheer floral cape that makes the overall appearance more elegant

–    The pink fury collar on her neck makes her a cuter and adorable figure

–    She wears a pair of pink shoes that are designed according to the shape of parrot wings

–    Her headpiece is a unique addition to the overall look

–    Colorful markings on the face of the Peeki Parrot doll makes her a more unique character

–    Compared to some of the other dolls in Enchantimals series, this product has more fashion accessories

–    Sheeny the Parrot has a girlish look to be compatible with the appearance of the Peeki Parrot doll

–    The feather design and color combination of the parrot creates a beautiful appearance

–    It is an excellent storytelling playset and a collectible item

Accessories of Enchantimals Peeki Parrot Doll

Here are the attachments associated with storytelling playset.

– Central figure: Peeki Parrot Doll

–    She wears a pair of shoes in pink color and feather-like design

–    She has a pet friend called Sheeny the Parrot

–    The doll wears a removable skirt, a floral cape, and a pink floral collar

–    She has a beautiful decoration on her hair to add more elegance


Kids can use this adorable playset to tell stories and create various scenes. Apart from that, it can be used as a collectible item too.

Age range

The manufacturers of this product recommend it for kids older than 4 years. Kids younger than that may be vulnerable to choking hazards mainly due to the small accessories.


Enchantimals Peeki Parrot doll is a superb value addition to your kids’ playsets. They can use it to tell various stories and create different scenes they prefer. In addition to that, it can be considered as an excellent collectible item too. The overall product quality and appearance are pretty decent.

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Enchantimals Peeki Parrot Doll

Enchantimals Peeki Parrot Doll
Enchantimals Peeki Parrot DollEnchantimals Peeki Parrot Doll Enchantimals Peeki Parrot Doll