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Barbie Paleontologist DollThere are many millions of Barbie lovers across the globe. Although Barbie is a concept that has a long history, even the younger generation loves it. Barbie dolls are sold in various versions, and its career dolls version has become exceptionally popular among the Barbie lovers. Barbie Paleontologist Doll is another addition to Barbie career doll playsets. This playset comes with really unique features when compared to the other Barbie playset.

Just like the name suggests, Barbie Paleontologist Doll comes dressed as a professional paleontologist. Her outfit is perfectly designed to match the outer appearance of a paleontologist. To let her explore the relics and ruins, she is accessorized with all the essential items. For instance, she comes with a t-shirt, khaki shorts, a very handy utility vest and a pair of brown boots. She holds a fossil and a brush to make it a more realistic appearance. The t-shirt and the utility vest included in this playset give her a “complete” presentation. The color combinations used with the accessories and dressings are perfectly matching to her career and the storytelling process.

The most notable accessory included in this Barbie Paleontologist Doll playset is the helmet with a headlamp. This respective headlamp and helmet will help the Barbie Paleontologist Doll to explore the site with better visibility. She can even go into the caves and do a better job.

The fossil she holds signifies her career so the kids will be more interested in exploring about the job of a paleontologist. One of the most rewarding benefits associated with Barbie career playsets is that the inspiration they provide about different professions. Barbie Paleontologist Doll too has enough characteristics to make kids more curious about the business of a good paleontologist.

The brush and fossil she holds can be removed whenever it is necessary. Her head can be turned into different angles to make it a more realistic experience for kids. Her arms and legs can be positioned according to different angles creating various postures to make your storytelling process a more realistic experience.

Features of Barbie Paleontologist Doll

Just like the most of the Barbie career dolls, Barbie Paleontologist Doll playset too comes with a range of features to impress the kids. Here are the most notable features we noticed.

–    Each Barbie Paleontologist Doll playset comes with a brush and a fossil on her hands. This brush and mineral provide keen insight into the career she is engaged in. Kids can remove this brush and fossil whenever they need.

–    The combination of colors used in this playset is appealing for a figure of a paleontologist.

–    Barbie Paleontologist Doll playset wears a red color helmet with a headlamp attached to it.

–    She wears a pair of brown color boots to match the surrounding she works most of her day.

–    She wears an outfit that perfectly matches the character of a paleontologist; a t-shirt, khaki shorts, a very handy utility vest, etc. makes a nice combination.

–    As opposed to many of the Barbie career dolls, Barbie Paleontologist Doll doesn’t have a pet friend of a supportive character.

Accessories of Barbie Paleontologist Doll

This Barbie Paleontologist Doll playset has several accessories to make the kids play an excellent storytelling game. It consists of;

–    Professionally themed paleontologist outfit that includes khaki shorts, a blue color t-shirt, and a camo utility vest

–    The doll has a pair of brown color boots to match the harsh surrounding she works in

–    It also includes some career-related accessories such as a brush, a helmet, a headlamp decal and a fossil

Uses of Barbie Paleontologist Doll

Career-themed Barbie dolls cover a wide array of fields ranging from sports to science to archeology to beekeeping. Barbie Paleontologist Doll represents the paleontologist (just like the name suggests) career of this series. You can use this Barbie Paleontologist Doll to play stories related to discovering the history of life on earth. She can be used to study animal and plant fossils, and the kids will learn the basics of a profession like a paleontologist. Thanks to the beautiful appearance the doll possesses and the professionally-themed outfit she wears, kids will really love to dig deep into her character with good curiosity. Apart from using as a playset character, you can consider Barbie Paleontologist Doll as a part of your career dolls collection.

Age range

Like all the other Barbie career dolls, Barbie Paleontologist Doll too is best recommended for kids over 3. Also, small kids will not be able to handle the minor components of this playset safely.


Barbie Paleontologist Doll is capable of making your kids more curious about the profession of the paleontologist. They will play various exciting stories combining this character with other Barbie career dolls. It is an excellent gift idea for a kid over 3 years of age.

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Barbie Paleontologist Doll