Barbie Beekeeper Playset Mattell

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Barbie Beekeeper Playset

Did you ever expect to see world-renown barbie as a beekeeper? Well, to the excitement of the millions of barbie lovers across the globe, she comes in the form of an adorable beekeeper. In fact, Barbie Beekeeper Playset is a part of a distinct range of barbie career dolls. The concept of barbie career dolls consists of a variety of barbies that are dressed as farmers, doctors, dentists, vets in addition to the adorable barbie beekeeper we emphasize here. 

The most important characteristic associated with this beekeeping barbie concept is its educational value. Using this cute structure, you can encourage your child to learn a lot about the importance of bees and the way they pump life to our planet. Apart from that, you can let your child know that the bees are an endangered species and we should protect them. If you can couple this barbie beekeeper playset with a nice video about the behaviors of the bees, that will be a priceless source of information for your child. To make it more interesting, you can let the child taste something made out of honey while playing with this playset. 

This barbie beekeeper playset comes with a fashionable, stylish dress that helps to maintain the adorable uniqueness. In addition to the fashionable dress, this barbie comes with a protective gear that shields her face against the stings of the bees. Her dress code consists of a pair of brownish boots that complement perfectly to the white jacket and blue pants she is wearing. To add more realistic appearance to this playset, barbie’s jacket comes decorated with bees. 

The manufacturers of this product were thoughtful about every single detail of a beekeeper’s gear; in this playset, barbie even wears a pair of white gloves and appears as a professional beekeeper. That is in addition to the net veil and the beekeeper’s hat. This product comes in two basic versions: African-American Barbie and a Caucasian Barbie. 

Features of Barbie Beekeeper Playset

Here are some of the most notable features associated with Barbie beekeeper playset.

  • Each playset comes with many accessories to make it a complete playset
  • Colorful and adorable beekeeping gear that consists of a veil, a pair of gloves, white jacket, blue pants, a hat and a pair of brown boots
  • This barbie playset has a beehive that consists of really cute and cool features and accessories 
  • The structure of this playset comes with a blue color beehive that has bees
  • Kids can take the honeycomb out just like you would do with a real one
  • The playset consists of pink and red color flowers 
  • It has slots to hold the bees (that are included) and kids can mimic pollination with them
  • It is a great and exciting way for children to learn about the importance and behavior of the bees 
  • It teaches about the pollination 

Accessories of Barbie Beekeeper Playset

In fact, this barbie beekeeper playset comes with various accessories to provide more realistic experience to the child. Barbie’s work outfit itself comes with all the essential accessories for a beekeeper. It consists of a beekeeper’s hat, a veil net, a pair of brown color boots, a jacket, a pair of jeans and a pair of gloves. Besides, the playset comprises of;

  • Bees
  • Colorful flowers on which you can attach bees 
  • A computer monitor
  • 2 X Honey bear jars
  • Colorful stand
  • Honeycomb that can slide in and out
  • Blue color beehive that spins

Age range

According to the product descriptions provided by the manufacturers, this barbie beekeeper playset is suitable for children falls in the age group of 36 months to 7 years. 


Barbie beekeeper playset pose no harm on children. Since this playset has small components such as bees, you shouldn’t let small children (who are younger than 36 months) play with it (due to potential choking hazard). It doesn’t have any electrical components or sharp objects to cause damages. So, this is a generally safe playset. 


If truth to be told, this barbie beekeeper playset is pretty different from the conventional barbie sets we have seen so far. However, this different appearance has done only good; barbie in a beekeeper’s outfit is something really cute. We believe that the manufacturers of this product will add more characters to this barbie career doll line. In addition to the beautiful appearance of this product, it works as a great source of education for children of age 36 months to 7 years. As mentioned earlier, in order to make the best out of this playset, you can consider coupling it with a video about bees’ importance, pollination and their behavior; that would encourage your children to learn more about this exciting aspect of the nature. 

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Barbie Beekeeper Playset Mattell

Barbie Beekeeper Playset Mattell
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