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Hair Blinger – Bling your Hair or Shoes in fact your can Bling Anything with the NEW Hair Blinger
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Originally funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the Hair Blinger is now a reality.

Yes! Now you can bling your hair with Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, pearls or other gemstones!

The Hair Blinger also works on clothes, shoes, or accessories – you could even bling your pets!

No batteries, heat or electricity required – just safe, clean, medical grade adhesive and the amazing Hair Blinger

With the Hair Blinger your little princess can really bring out her inner Cinderella!

Be the Belle of the Ball with the NEW Hair Blinger

The new Hair Blinger will add amazing sparkle to your life!

The Hair Blinger comes already loaded with either 14 pink 5mm rhinestones or 14 turquoise 4mm Swarovski crystals. The Hair Blinger is packaged with either another 60 clear 5mm rhinestones in four additional disks or another 45 clear 4mm Swarovski crystals in three additional disks.

The Hair Blinger Swarovski refill packs are currently available from a range of 24 different varieties, the rhinestone refill packs are currently offered in 39 varieties.

Hair Blinger

The Hair Blinger Is Safe for Your Hair and Simple to Use

With no heating, and no batteries or electricity, the Hair Blinger is kind to your hair.

The clever disk design delivers the crystal onto your hair with a unique adhesive that is safe for all hair types. The adhesive is similar to that used for hair extensions, it holds the gemstones very firmly in place, making it practical to stay active and still sparkle. The Hair Blinger is intended not only for fashionable glamour but also to bring bling to the dance-stage, gymnastic routines, cheerleading and pretty much any other situation you can think of.

The stones can be kept in your hair for as long as you wish. What is surprising is how very easy it is to remove the stones . . . all that is required is a hairbrush, just brush the gems out.

To use, just slide a piece of hair into the Hair Blinger, squeeze together and the crystal is fixed onto your hair – very simple! The Hair Blinger has been designed so that it can also bring sparkle to updos, it can be used to press the gemstone directly onto the hair on your updo instead of having to take a section of hair into the mechanism of the Hair Blinger.

Reloading the Hair Blinger is just as easy and only takes a moment. The Hair Blinger starter packs come with either rhinestones or Swarovski crystals, refill packs of both are also available.

At the moment, Swarovski crystals are available in a range of ten different colours and three sizes (3mm, 4mm and 5mm). Many additional colours, shapes sizes and materials are being added to the range of refill packs.

The Hair Blinger is set to be the next big fashion trend for hair and looks to be here to stay.

Suitable for princesses ages 12 years and up, the Hair Blinger is not so much a toy as more of a genuine hair-styling tool.

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HairBlinger Review

HairBlinger Review HairBlinger Review HairBlinger Review HairBlinger Review HairBlinger Review