SloFlo – Compound

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SloFlo – Slow Motion Flow


The new SloFlo™, is a new and incredible compound which comes to life when you play with it!

SloFlo really does need to been seen to be believed. Squash it and mash it, squeeze it and bash it – SloFlo can be formed into pretty much any shape and then, when left alone, it gradually, slowly separates and seems to flow with an almost magical slow-motion quality

It’s hard to tell what SloFlo is . . . it flows like sand, it forms like clay. One thing for certain – SloFlo really is a lot of fun and sure to provide hours of good, clean playtime for the kids.


SloFlo is soothingly tactile and with a magical quality that makes it seem almost alive. Roll the SloFlo into a ball, bounce it, let it go and then watch it flow!

No mess, no fuss – cleaning up is super simple, very easy, just scoop it up and squish it all back to together – just like magic. Even on carpet, simply scoop it up and carry on playing.

SloFlo has to be seen to be believed!  

SloFlo Bucket review

SloFlo is suitable for kids of five years and up. It is available in three assorted colours – purple, green and blue. A SloFlo large bucket contains 200 grams, the SLoFlo Motion Magic blister packs contain 50 grams and the SloFlo tubs contain 30 grams. (The blister pack is reusable as a storage container.)

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SloFlo – Compound