Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Hero AR Experience Vision Iron Man

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Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience

There is no doubt that Marvel Avengers have taken the society by storm. Particularly, most of the young kids have a special place in their heart for Avengers. In order to take this passion to the next level, Hasbro, a well-reputed toy brand, presents Marvel Avengers Infinity War Hero Vision Iron Man empowered wit AR technology. If you are thinking of an innovative, exciting and a trendy gift idea for a kid, Hasbro’s Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience is an exceptionally good choice.

Due to various reasons, Iron Man is an excellent choice as the pioneering product of Marvel Hero Vision range. Most of the kids consider Iron Man to be their favorite superhero. In fact, Iron Man is regarded as one of the most iconic marvel characters from the beginning. Thanks to the technology, Iron Man has become the first ever superhero to embrace the AR technology. When it such heroic character is combined with a high-end technology like Augmented Reality, things can be pretty astonishing.

Features of Marvel Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience

Here is a list of the most notable features associated with Iron Man AR experience. 

  • This particular product comes as a complete package that comprises of several items. The package includes, 
    • A realistic Iron Man Mask
    • A pair of Augmented Reality Goggles
    • Iron Man Gauntlet 
    • 3 X AR markers
    • The Infinity Stone
    • A complete manual
  • It is backed by a convenient and free mobile app (which is compatible with both Android and iOS)
  • This product is compatible with almost all the recent smartphones that have Android 5.0/iOS 6 or higher. 
  • The free app they offer creates virtual objects around a room 
  • The user has to place the phone inside the goggles which will be put inside the Iron Man Mask thereafter
  • You can access the AR functionality through the phone as long as you have an internet connection
  • This product doesn’t require a Bluetooth connection
  • It has a really simplified gameplay that is appealing to young kids. 

How to use Hero Vision Iron Man AR experience

Setting up this AR gaming system is pretty easy. You can set up the system just after downloading the app. Once the app installation is done, you should place the provided AR markers in a desired room. You will have to slide in the smartphone into the AR goggles (which is included in the package). Then, place the goggles inside the mask and that’s it! This product is specifically designed for young kids who are interested in battling like Iron Man.

Although the gameplay and the concept of AR mask is impressive, we notice a slight drawback associated with this product: if you have a large smartphone, the AR goggles will not be spacious enough to accommodate it. However, this product works perfectly with all the regular sized phones and therefore, majority of individuals may not find any issue with it. 

When it comes to the gameplay, your mission is to protect 3 AR markers. As per the gameplay, these three markers are under attack by Thanos and his miniature companions. Iron Man (you) have to shoot those bad guys. This is when the gauntlet comes to play; you can shoot the enemies using this gauntlet. To shoot, you have to aim the palm towards the enemy and to defend their attacks, you should turn the back of the palm towards the attacker. 

To complete the game, you have to get yourself through 10 levels. At the completion of the 3rd level, you need to upgrade the armor and to do that, the player must remove the mask and take the phone out. Actually, it is a good approach as it forces the player to get a break from the screen. 

Age range

As per the product description provided by Hasbro, this AR version of the Iron Man is designed particularly for young kids who are at least 8 years old. 


Hero Vision Iron Man AR experience is a generally safe playing kit. However, it is better to encourage the kids to take frequent breaks instead of constant usage. When they look at the phone’s screen for a long period without any break (at a close range), the eyes will start to feel tired. So, it is better to take breaks within levels. 


Here Vision Iron Man AR experience is an innovative and exciting concept in the context of gaming. It combines the prestige of Iron Man and the sophistication of AR technology. If you are thinking of an excellent gift idea for a young kid, this product can be a prominent choice. Hero Vision Iron Man AR experience is a user-friendly gaming kit.

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Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Hero AR Experience Vision Iron Man