Wonder Woman Bow and Arrow Toy

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Wonder Woman

At the toy fair this year, we saw a large amount of toys – some good, some not so good. Then, there were those that we really wanted to take home with us that day, but unfortunately, we have to wait for most of them because they’re not out yet. The one toy that we would like to introduce you to today is the Wonder Woman Bow and Arrow Toy. Being a big fan of Wonder Woman, this toy really stood out from the crowd for us …

An Introduction to Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a popular fictional superheroine that appears in American comic books that are published by DC Comics. It has been said that this character is a founding member of the Justice League, warrior princess of the Amazonian people and demigoddess. While she’s in her homeand, she’s Princess Diana of Themyscira and outside of her homeland, she’s known as Diana Prince. American psychologist and writer William moulton Marston and artist Harry G. Peter are the guys that created Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman first made her appearance in All Star Comics #8 back in December 1941 (yes she’s that old). Since then, the Wonder Woman title has been published by DC Comics on a continuous basis, except for a brief pause that took place back in 1986.

An Introduction to Mattel

This Wonder Woman Bow and Arrow toy comes to us from Mattel and we all know how good Mattel is when it comes to making toys. Mattel is a popular company that was founded back in 1945 – their headquarters is based in El Segundo, California. Back in 2014, on the Fortune 500 list, this company was ranked at #503. The products and brands Mattel produces include Barbie dolls, Fisher-Price, Ever After High dolls, Monster High dolls, Hot Wheels, Winx Club dolls, Matchbox Toys, American Girl dolls, Masters of the Universe toys, WWE toys and of course, board games. We remember back in the 1980s when Mattel produced video game systems which were under its own brands and under the Nintendo license.

An Introduction to the Wonder Woman Bow and Arrow Toy

When you first look at the Wonder Woman Bow and Arrow Toy figure, if you’re not a fan of Wonder Woman, you may feel as if you’re looking at a normal figure. However, if you’re a fan of this fictional superheroine, you may feel a sort of connection …that’s what this toy is all about – by looking at her, as she’s holding her bow and arrow, you will feel as if you are actually looking at Wonder Woman.


For DC Comics fans and especially for those that are big fans of Wonder Woman, you’re going to want to get this figurine. Sure, you may buy it just to sit on your desk or shelf, but it’s definitely something you will want to add to your collection of DC figurines. Besides, what good would a collection be if it didn’t have Wonder Woman holding a bow and arrow?

Wonder Woman Bow and Arrow Toy