Buttheads Fart Launcher Review

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From the beginning of time kids have been infatuated with Farts and things like Stink Bombs have been around for generations and I am sure you played a few pranks in your childhood with stinky stuff. 
Well today we introduce to you as an addition to Wow Wee’s line of toys the all NEW  

You can now launch foul smelling stink using this powerful Fart launcher  
Aimed at kids 8 years and up the Fart launcher is a gun that can actually shoot smells up to 10 feet away. 
Now depending on how much they like you will depend on what that little monster is going to shoot you with. 
Could be a FOUL-SMELLING fart that hits you out of know where from across the room, or if you are in the good books then you will get lucky as the Buttheads Fart Launcher can also shoot much more palatable smells as well, such as bubblegum smells. 
I don’t know about you but I know which one I would prefer to he hit with. 
The WowWee Fart Launcher as mentioned is intended for children aged eight and up and looks like a fat-barreled cannon like gun, it has a trigger and a fat big barrel.  
it shoots smells and they currently have just two available scent cartridges although more will be available later in the year. 
Simply Pop the cartridges in the handle, pull back the barrel, and then press the trigger and VOILA, a fart is launched into the air at some poor unsuspecting soul.


The buttheads Fart Launcher is guaranteed to be a lot of fun and provide young boys with a harmless pass time while having a ton of fun blasting peple with fart smells. 
Wow Wee also offer a line of Farting characters too that is designed along the same line as The fart launcher and each of these characters are farter’s too. 
There is the 4 current characters with another 4 coming out later in the year and each character has 2o different sound effects and ends with a rip-roaring fart and a lovely aroma haha.  
For example  
The Ninja says HAY YAH and then lets one rip  


We also like the feature where you can set each character on a timer and then plant it right next to Dad or Mom and wait a few minutes and BOOM it lets a massive fart rip surprising Mom or Dad and leaving them with a lingering odor.
The Butthead Farting figures all come with their own trading cards and an additional 4 will be released later in 2019. 
To check out the whole line of Wow Wee farting figurines including the Butheads fart Launcher and the eight farting characters just click on the link below. 
Prices range from $9 up for the characters and the Buttheads Fart Launcher has yet to be priced and will be released later in 2019 most likely during the last quarter of the year in time for the Christmas holidays. 
Click the link below for a Stinky Good Time


Fart Launcher

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Buttheads Fart Launcher Review