Enchantimals Starling Starfish Doll

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Enchantimals Starling Starfish DollIf you are looking for a really awesome, cute storytelling pack for your kids, this Starling Starfish doll can be a great product to consider. This particular product is manufactured based on ideas inspired through the world of Enchantimals. It is, in fact, an enchanting product that comes with a Starling Starfish doll with a height of six inches. And, that is the main character of this playset. When this Starling Starfish Doll is accompanied with the accessories like Idyl starfish figure, smaller crab friend, etc., it makes an adorable playset for kids (and even for adults).

In addition to the characters, the playset consists of other elements such as vanity and stool to help friends to put some makeup. All the pieces included in this vanity playset makes it an impressive storytelling playset. To emphasize a beachy theme in the playset, they have incorporated various details such as the blue table and starfish-related skirt. This skirt comes as a removable item, and we can notice sea accents in the table. The seat comes with a pink, star-shaped place too. As beauty accessories, this starling starfish doll is equipped with a brush and a perfume bottle. The toy can hold these items in her hand and make it a more original playset.

The beauty of this Startling Starfish doll has a nicely designed dress. The skirt she wears has a beautiful design. Both the skirt and red shoes come with styles that relate to starfish legs, and that highlights the summer vacation feeling. The headband of the main character comes with a starfish decoration to make the doll compatible with the friends. In addition to that, the other details such as long pink hair and unique facial features add aesthetic value to this product.

Features of Enchantimals Starfish Doll

In this section, we emphasize the most notable features associated with Enchantimals Starling Starfish Doll.

–    This playset comes with multiple accessories for kids to play excitingly

–    Enchantimals Cameo Starfish Dolls allow kids to recreate the natural environment and enjoy it

–    Starfish doll comes as a part of the series of Enchantimals

–    Apart from playing, kids can collect the entire set of dolls as collectibles.

–    This playset is specially designed for ages 4 and above

–    This doll comes with a height of six inches

–    Every accessory and character come with detailed appearance to match starfish theme

–    This playset helps friends to stay calm and relaxed even during the hot days

–    Removable skirt, beachy design, red shoes and other details add lively appearance to the product

Accessories of Enchantimals Starfish doll

Here are the accessories for the Enchantimals Starfish dolls.

–    Each playset comes with the main character (starfish doll with a height of six inches).

–    The toy has a removable skirt and a pair of red shoes designed with starfish legs

–    In addition to the starfish doll, this product comes with two other characters (two starfish)

–    One medium-sized starfish and one small starfish

–    Both the starfish characters come with a sweet smile

–    The doll is capable of holding beauty accessories such as brushes

–    It has one vanity for the starfish doll to put her makeup on

–    The vanity comes with a stool too

–    Other beauty accessories included in the product

All these accessories, details and colors make this Enchantimals Starling Starfish doll playset a charming value addition to your kid’s collectibles.

Uses of Enchantimals Starfish doll

Kids can use this Starfish doll to recreate beautiful sceneries and get closer to the excitements of nature. The details associated with this playset are inspirational. This playset can trigger kids’ excitement towards an outdoor activity such as beach outing. Kids can also use this playset as a collectible item instead of just playing with it.

Age Range

This playset is recommended for every kid who is older than 4 years. The minimum age range is applied mainly because of the small accessories that can cause choking hazards.


Enchantimals Starling Starfish doll is a product that comes with a variety of accessories to make your kids excited. Overall, it is an excellent storytelling playset that gives decent value for the money you pay. It can also be considered as a gift item or a collectible regardless of your age.

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Enchantimals Starling Starfish Doll

Enchantimals Starling Starfish Doll
Enchantimals Starling Starfish DollEnchantimals Starling Starfish Doll Enchantimals Starling Starfish Doll