Wraptiles Wrist Friends

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Wraptiles – Your Fierce New Best Friends


The Wraptiles are coming . . . but never fear, Wraptiles just want to be your fierce new best friends!

Wraptiles – Dragons and Dinosaurs

Similar to the cute, cuddly Wrapples, Wraptiles are the new addition to this range of toys. Instead of fluffy, cute, cuddly fluffy interactive Wrapples, Wraptiles are rubbery dinosaurs and dragons. Wraptiles . . . reptiles . . . get it?! Wraptiles will be your fierce best friend instead of your fluffy best friend.


Interactive Wraptiles

Just like Wrapples, Wraptiles interact and entertain with lights and sounds. Talk to your Wraptile and it will respond back in Wraptilese! With a super grip slap-band tail, Wraptiles attach to your arm by slapping the tail on your wrist . . . just like a slap bracelet or slap-band.

These electronic Wraptiles interact so that you can battle with your friends’ fierce new best friends. Less cute and cuddly, more rubbery and reptilian; Wraptiles’ tongues shoot out and eyes light up when they are in “Attack Mode”!

New slap-band bracelet Wraptiles slap around the wrist in the shape of a bracelet, and the Wraptiles, with fun lights and sounds, can go everywhere with your child and will become their fierce new best friend.


Ready for Christmas

Wraptiles will be available in time for Christmas and come in a range of bright and reptilian colours and as a variety of different creatures.

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Wraptiles Wrist Friends

Wraptiles Wrist Friends Happydancegift Wraptiles Wrist Friends Wraptiles Wrist Friends Wraptiles Wrist Friends