Pop Pops Snots Slammer Hammer

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Pop Pops Snotz Slime Slammer Hammer

Who do you know who would love to pop, slam, suck up and squirt gooey Pop Pops Snotz slime bubbles?!

What’s not to enjoy?! The perfect combination of bubble popping, yucky gooey slime and treasure hunting!

Three Crazes All-in-One: Bubblewrap Popping, Slime AND Collectables Hunt for your favourite Pop Pops Snots characters by popping perfectly yucky slime
bubbles with the new Pop Pops Snotz Slime Slammer Hammer.


Pop Pops Snotz Collectables
Pop Pops Snotz Slime Slammer Hammer is the latest addition to the Pop Pops Snotz Collection. Hidden in the gross, slimy Pop Pops Snots bubbles are different
collectible Pop Pops Snotz characters. Smash the bubbles to pop them and hope to reveal one of the 60 great characters to collect.

Pop Pops Snotz characters include a mariachi band, a pizza maker and aliens who
play basketball!

Pop pops snots 12 pack
Pop Pops snots 12 pack

Pop, Play and Collect

The Slime Slammer Hammer is perfect for smashing and popping the Pop Pops

Snotz bubbles, slam the bubble and hope to find one of the six (included) Pop Pops

Snotz characters with a total of 60 characters to collect, including rare limited edition glow-in-the-dark Snotz. In the hammer, there is also a syringe for sucking up (and, of course, squirting out!) the grossly gooey Pop Pops Snotz slime.

Storage space in the hammer handle (also the syringe plunger!) is designed as a great place to keep all of
your Pop Pops Snots characters stored safely, the hammer head is ideal for storing the Pop Pops Snotz slime, with or without the Pop Pops Snotz character figures.

Pop Pops Snotz Slime Slammer Hammer Playset
The Pop Pops Snots Slime Slammer Hammer Play Set includes:
*The Slime Slammer Hammer
*1 8 Pop Pops Snotz bubbles filled with yellow or green gooey slime
* 6 Pop Pops Snotz characters to be discovered
* Pop Pop Snotz is a bubble popping, treasure hunting and gooey slime extravaganza

  • an inspired combination only made even more fun with the Pop Pops Snotz Slime
    Slammer Hammer!

Collect the whole family of Pop Pops pets and Snotz from Pop Pops Petsville and
Pop Pops Snotville.

Suitable for children over 4 years old.


Pop Pops Snots Slammer Hammer

Pop Pops Snots Slammer Hammer HappydancegiftPop Pops Snots Slammer Hammer