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Lego Duplo Steam Train reviewSteam trains always carry the element of fascination no matter whether you are a kid or an adult. Although you don’t see steam trains very often today, you can consider letting your child playing with a Lego Duplo Steam Train. Although the concept looks pretty simple, kids will have some great time building this locomotive structure and playing with it.

The colors they have used with this Lego Duplo steam train are beautiful and bright. Each steam train play set comes with various action bricks and 16 track pieces. Once built utterly, this steam train features the functionality of a simple ‘push and goes’ functionality. This steam train play set comprises of 2 Lego Duplo figures that represent a locomotive driver and a child. In addition to that, it consists of an animal figure too.

You can introduce your kid to the world of steam trains using this special train edition of Lego. Your kid can merely activate lights, sounds and even the movement of the train; to add more innovation to this product, they have added an app to this product. With the assistance of this app, kids can enjoy the functionality of remote controlling.

Each play set consists of 59 pieces; with these pieces, kids can build a steam train with a beautiful look. According to the instructions provided by the manufacturers, this product is suitable for both girls and boys who are between the ages of 2 and 5.

Features of Lego Duplo Steam Train

In this section, let’s discuss the main features associated with Duplo Steam Train.

–    Push & Go motor

Thanks to this simple Push & Go function, you can just make the train move with a gentle push. You can make it move backward or forwards as you wish.

–    Five Action Bricks

With the assistance of the five action bricks provided with this playset, your kids can make the steam train sound the horn, change the direction it travels, turn the lights on and off, etc.

–    Downloadable app

Kids can just download the app and gain more control over the steam train. They can control the train remotely and perform a variety of other actions.

–    2 X Duplo figures with an animal figure

Each play Lego Duplo play set consists of 2 X Duplo figures too. These two figures represent a locomotive driver and a passenger child. In addition to that, it consists of an animal figure also.

Accessories of Lego Duplo Steam Train

Let’s take a look at the attachments associated with Lego Duplo steam train.

Basically, this Lego Steam Train comes with a mini-figure to represent a train driver, a passenger (a child) and a squirrel. Using these three characters, the kid can create various instances. Although the number of mini-figures is limited to 3, the kid can enjoy a variety of scenes using them.

The primary object included in this playset is the buildable push and go locomotive. This locomotive features a range of functions including lights, sounds, etc. This steam train also has a passenger carriage. To make it a more exciting toy set, the manufacturers have included a collection of other accessories like 5 X action bricks (that has a color coding system), a train station, a tree, a tipper to carry coal and a train track that consists of 16 pieces.

In addition to the main accessories included in this set, you will find other elements such as a refueling can, bread, a spade and a suitcase. All these accessories can help your kid to use creativity and enjoy various scenes based on Steam Train.

Uses of Lego Duplo Steam Train

Your kid can quickly make this Steam Train moving by merely offering a gentle push. The train can move backward and forwards depending on the direction it is pushed. To stop the train from running, a child can place the hand firmly on the top of the engine part.

You can teach your child about the functionalities of the action bricks provided. These five action bricks come in different color codes, and when they are placed accordingly, the train will follow the instructions; depending on the instructions provided on the color-coded action bricks, the train will sound the horn, turn on its lights, stop for refueling, change the direction or stop.

With the assistance of the downloadable app, your kid will enjoy the remote controlling feature of this steam train.

Age range

As per the instructions provided by the manufacturers, this product is recommended for children between 2 and 5.


This Lego Duplo Steam Train is an exciting play set for your toddler. It comes in bright and attractive colors to make your child happy. The remote controlling ability, accessories, and functionality of the steam train make it a unique product among other playsets.

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Lego Duplo Steam Train