Hot Wheels Star Wars Darth Maul Vehicle

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Hot Wheels Star Character DarthStar Wars is a movie that has a large fan base spread across the world. The first movie of Star Wars sequel was released back in the late 1970s, and since then many Star Wars movies were published in the form of episodes. The overall popularity of the Star Wars movies grows at a steady pace. Both youngsters and adults admire this excellent science fiction and adventure movie due to the plot, characters and the overall concept it features. Each Star Wars movie has an extensive range of styles; some of the figures represent the good, and the rest of them are villains. These characters present in various outfits, facial expressions, sizes, and body shapes. The versatile collection of the characters is a significant reason for the popularity of the Star Wars movies. Many of the characteristics associated with Star Wars movies come with unique details, body shapes, facial features, and outfits. Some of these characters look really strange; after all, we are talking about alien species, and you cannot expect them to have the same appearance as humans.

Hot Wheels is one of the most renowned brands that manufacture toys, have teamed up with the brand Star Wars to provide a unique line of small toy cars. In fact, Hot Wheels have reimagined pretty much all the significant Star Wars characters in the form of vehicles. These character-inspired cars have become a norm among the individuals who love the Star Wars concept. Many individuals who love Star Wars movies have started to collect mini-figures and character-inspired vehicles as collectibles to celebrate their enthusiasm. If you are one of those individuals who love Star Wars, you can consider Hot Wheels Star Wars Darth Maul Vehicle as excellent value addition. Hot Wheels have introduced various other character-inspired vehicles and mini-figures for you to combine with each other; you can either play with these toys or only have them as a set of collectibles.

Darth Maul in Star Wars

Undoubtedly, Darth Maul is among the most renowned and remembered characters featured in Star Wars. Although Darth Maul represents the villains of the movie, he has already captivated the minds of many Star Wars fans. Darth Maul is the son of Mother Talzin. In fact, Darth Maul is a Darthomirian Zabrak male who had two blood brothers called Savage Opress and Feral. Mother Talzin partnered with Darth Sidious when Darth Maul was still a child. Darth Sidious and Talzin shared their powers and wisdom as a result of this partnership. Since Darth Sidious eventually realized the high potential of the young Darth Maul, he took Darth Maul. Then, Darth Maul was trained to be his Sith apprentice.

Maul underwent specialized training to become a powerful weapon of Sith. As a result of this training, he developed his acrobatic skills and learned how to use the dual-bladed lightsaber (which is his weapon). He is known for his cruel behavior against the enemies.  The appearance of the Darth Maul is pretty scary due to the color combination (red, black and yellow), eyes and particularly the spikes on his skull. Overall, Darth Maul is a remarkable character in Star Wars.

Darth Maul-inspired vehicle

How Wheels Star Wars Darth Maul vehicle comes with a fantastic appearance just like its model character Maul. The color combination of this character inspired car complements the original style of the Star Wars perfectly. Apart from the colors, the vehicle has a spiky finishing on the top of the vehicle, and that assures the uniqueness of this model. The scale of this product, just like the other character inspired product line of Hot Wheels, comes in 1:64. This scale makes it a lovely collectible item too. Apart from considering it as a collectible item, you can use it to race with other toys introduced by Hot Wheels.

Features of Hot Wheels Star Wars Darth Maul Vehicle

Let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with this beautiful toy car.

–    It comes in the scale of 1:64 to make the perfect size as a collectible item.

–    It resembles the outer appearance of Darth Maul.

–    This product is a part of the character-inspired series of vehicles by Hot Wheels.

Age Range

Hot Wheels Star Wars Darth Maul Vehicle is best suitable for kids over 3.


You can consider it as a collectible item as well as a toy.


Hot Wheels Star Wars Darth Maul Vehicle is available at leading online stores are of this writing.


Hot Wheels Star Wars Darth Maul Vehicle is one of the good-looking toy vehicles introduced by Hot Wheels. It has the unique appearance of Darth Maul. You may get it as a collectible item as well as a beautiful toy. It makes a superb gift idea too.

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Hot Wheels Star Wars Darth Maul Vehicle

Hot Wheels Star Wars Darth Maul Vehicle
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